Focus Equities, Vancouver Pacific, Eighth Avenue, Belford Properties, PCI, Domus Homes and Terra Blanka

Western Canada Real Estate Corporate Directories

Vancouver Pacific Development Corporation – Larry Sunderland, President and Doug Wark, Vice President are the key contacts

The Western Developers listing at Eighth Avenue Development Group in Vancouver shows Ed Kolic, Principal and Karen McDonald, Partner

We updated our Belford Properties Directory listing confirming Sherry Ko, Chief Financial Officer; Jay Lin, Vice President, Development and added Leo Sun, Vice President, Marketing

We update some titles at PCI Developments; Andrew Grant is the Chair and Tim Grant is President. We also confirmed Dan Turner, Executive Vice President & Partner; Cynthia Lim, Chief Operations Officer and Kristen Devaney, Group Chief Financial Officer

Richard Wittstock is the key Principal at Domus Homes

Our Terra Blanka Development company has Partners Ben Nour and Kaveh Djahanshahi

At Anthem Properties we added Jordan Carlson, Senior Vice President, Investment Group; Tracy McRae, Vice President, Development; Mike Grywacheski, Vice President, Construction; Ryan Jagger, Senior Director, Real Estate Finance and Berne Elischer, Senior Project Manager

The MST Development Corp. Directory listing shows David Negrin, Chief Executive Officer; Andy Hoang, Chief Financial Officer and Brennan Cook, Vice President, Acquisitions & Development

Mike Mackay is the Chief Executive Officer of Strand Development Ltd.. Also included in the Directory are Cameron Thorn, Vice President Development; Mia Boorman, Director, Marketing & Sales and Geoff Matthews, Director of Acquisitions

At Focus Equities in Victoria we updated Ken Mariash, Chief Executive Officer and Patricia Mariash, Partner