One Properties, Century Group, Hopewell, Westcorp Properties, Woodfine Capital Projects, Broadview Homes, Canad Inns and Brody Development Group

Updated the 10 contacts in the One Properties Edmonton Directory listing including Kimberlie Garraway, Senior Vice President, Property Management; Martin Chou, Senior Vice President, Finance & Accounting; Tom Burr, Vice President, Mixed-Use Development and Kelly Pawlik, Vice President, Industrial

At Century Group we added Drew Temple, Vice President, Finance and updated Richard Morley, Vice President, Operations; Bob Ransford, Vice President, Development; Stacey Emerson, Vice President, Corporate Services and David Hanson, Vice President, Construction

Laynie Hicks, Vice President, Hopewell Real Estate Services and Patricia Cayen, Senior Director, Leasing were confirmed at Hopewell Development in Calgary

Our Western Developers Directory listing for Westcorp Properties Inc. in Edmonton shows Phil Milroy, President & Chief Executive Officer; Keenan Chow, Chief Financial Officer; Gail Temple, Chief Operating Officer; Jonathan Milroy, Vice President, Asset Management and 3 other contacts in Finance and Operations

Woodfine Capital Projects Inc. in Vancouver lists Jennifer Woodfine, Corporate Secretary & Head of Real Estate; Peter Woodfine, Chief Executive Officer and Matthew Woodfine, Chief Operating Officer

Peter-John Woolf, Vice President is the key contact at Broadview Homes in Calgary and in North Vancouver we show Brody Development Corporation with Mike Brody the Principal since 1977

Canad Inns – This Winnipeg company has 3 Ledohowski family members, Lea, Lane and Leo, the Executive Chair. Dan Lussier is the Chief Executive Officer and Kevin Stire is Vice President Operations