Arthex, Urbacon, Capital Homes, Alterra, Cadillac, Camrost-Felcorp, Castlepoint Numa & Plaza Partners

Toronto Developers Real Estate directories

The two senior contacts at Arthex Property Management are Georgio Kosmidis, Chief Executive Officer and Catherine Kosmidis, Director of Operations

We updated Marco Mancini, Chairman and Peter Russell, Vice President Properties & Development Management at Urbacon Limited

Our Capital Homes Inc. listing in Kitchener shows Adam Belsky, President

Alterra Developments Limited – we added David Nagano, Vice President, Construction Services; Malai Muthu, Vice President, Finance; updated Stuart Wilson, President and Sharon Gerwitz Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Confirmed Cadillac Fairview’s John Sullivan, President & Chief Executive Officer; Scott Pennock, Senior Vice President, Toronto Office Portfolio; Landry Biles and Patricia Poyntz, General Managers + Sahezad Pardhan, Chief Financial Officer

David Feldman, President & Chief Executive Officer; Joseph Feldman, Chief Operating Officer and Michael Firestone, Vice President are the key executives with Camrost-Felcorp

We added Harley Valentine and Jeff Brenner, Partners to the Castlepoint Numa Toronto Directory listing. Alfredo Romano is the Chief Executive Officer and Moira Romano, President, Numa Management

Our contacts at Plaza Partners include Pinny Kaufman, Chief Executive Officer; Ornella Richichi, Chief Development Officer; Kiran Marok, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Operations and Nick Dukesz, Chief Financial Officer