Updates to the 1,911 Canadian Development companies in our Directory

There were 98 company updates since our last blog post. Below are a few of the companies and contacts we confirmed or added to the directory

In London, ON at CCR Building we confirmed Arne and Peder Madsen, Partners and added Larry Fenwick, Project Manager

At Grosvenor Americas in Vancouver we updated a title to Managing Director, Development for James Patillo and confirmed Graham Drexel, Chief Financial Officer

We reorganized our Hopewell listings in Calgary with a separate listing for Hopewell Residential. Paul Taylor is the President; Lesley Conway, Managing Director; Jill MacKenzie, Executive Vice President Finance and added Jeff Rust, Vice President, Multi-Family

Our listing for the Mastercraft Group Inc. in Ottawa has John Greenberg, Chairman and Bruce McMahon, Vice President Finance

Marvin Barnett is the President of Finer Space Corporation in Hamilton

There was only one update to Fiera Properties in Halifax. Graham Pattison, Vice President, Asset Management

Southbridge Care Homes in Cambridge – listing Keith McIntosh, President & Chief Executive Officer; Ryan Bell, Chief Financial Officer; Carol Woodcock , General Counsel

We made a complete update to the Tamarack Homes listing in Ottawa with Chris Taggart, President; Pierre Bergeron, Chief Financial Officer and 2 other contacts

Brandi Clarke, Centre Manager was added to Artis REIT‘s Victoria Square in Regina

At Canderel in Vancouver we updated Bryce Margetts, Vice President Western Canada

Springer Group of Companies in Kingston lists Partners Bryon and Doug Springer