Toronto Developers & Managers Updates

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This update has a few developers but a greater focus on Property Management firms. 86 of the 800 listings are management firms vs. developers/investors or advisors

Updated Sean Demsky’s title to Vice President, Acquisitions & Dispositions at Canadian Urban Limited

We added Sami Mouaket, Vice President, Business Development to Greybrook Realty Partners and updated the contact information for Hosup Lee, Vice President, Asset Management

Confirmed Greg Fraleigh, President at The Enfield Group Inc. in Waterdown and added Reg Theriault, Parking Director

Hannah Group – updated the listing with Aubrey Hannah, President; Gerald Rozario, Vice President & Property Manager and 3 Property Managers

At Wilson Blanchard‘s Toronto office we confirmed Wayne Klem, Executive Director of Property Management. In Hamilton (head office) we have Ray Wilson, President; Karen Reynolds, Chief Operating Officer; Paula Davis, Chief Financial Officer; Dean McCabe, Vice President of Operations and Executive Director of Property Management

We updated the Taft Forward Property Management Group on Davisville. There were no changes in the senior management group with Shlomo Sharon, Chief Executive Officer; Pat Addeo, President and Vaishali Taylor, Vice President

We show Alon Szpindel, President at Tandem Group and Sundance Development Corporation

Colliers Real Estate Management Services – spoke to the Toronto office and confirmed John Duda and Allan Yearwood, Senor Vice Presidents; Frank Pal, Vice President, Property Management and Bob Ferguson, General Manager, Toronto Property Management

Frastell Property Management Inc. was also contacted confirming Victor Lopez, President; Demi Kapetanos, Director of Operations and two Property Managers

In Mississauga we confirmed Vanessa Van Dette, Regional Manager, Central Ontario at Larlyn Property Management Ltd. and in London we added Brian Loubert, Chief Financial Officer

Maple Ridge Community Management – we added Craig McMillan, Vice President, Operations to the listing and confirmed Michael Le Page, President

Updates to Amexon, Orchard Ridge Homes, Armland Group Inc. & Others

Updated the listing for Al Reisman Limited with Al Reisman, President, Keith Lahey, Controller and Ross Jackson, Leasing Manager

At Amexon Property Management Inc. we confirmed Joseph Azouri, President and Bill Maitland, leasing Manager

Arista Homes Limited – Confirmed contact information for Michael De Gasperis, President; Carlo Sistilli, Chief Financial Officer; Ron Protocky, General Manager and two other managers

David Rechtsman, President of Armland Group Inc. (a Greenpark company) was confirmed plus two other contacts

Orchard Ridge Homes a division of the Sorbara Group was updated showing Jason Morin, Director Low-Rise Construction

Steele Valley Developments – confirmed contact information for David and Alan Smoskovitz; Lorne Bossin, Chief Financial Officer and Harry Kichler, Vice President Leasing

Confirmed Randy Shiff and Catherine Stefan, Partners at Tivona Capital Corporation

Our listing for StoneCap Realty Partners Inc. shows Craig Coleman, Partner

Sundance Development Corporation – confirmed Alon Szpindel, President and Bruce Isakow, Project Manager

In Georgetown, we updated Swisscan Properties with Timur Leckebusch, President

At Talisker Corporation we confirmed Hack Bistricer, Chairman & CEO; Jeff Levine, Chief Financial Officer; Mandy Scully, Executive Vice President and two other contacts

Evelyn Visconti at Tandem Group was confirmed as Vice President Residential

We made an address change for Fyrst Avenue Property Management Inc. and confirmed contacts Orvin Zendel and David Sefton

Riverfield Building Corporation – confirmed Tony Fava, President and two other contacts at this Toronto homebuilder

Tridel, Hyde Park, I.C.I., Fidelity, Invar, Shiu Pong, Sutter Hill, T & T, TAS, Baker Schneider, Thomson Mahoney, Brownlee LLP

In the Toronto Developers Directory we updated the contact information for Steve Upton, Vice President Development at Tridel Corporation

Antoinette Benedetto, President of Hyde Park Properties Inc. was also updated

At the I.C.I. Group of Companies, we added Gregg Fera, President and updated Adam Warner, Vice President Real Estate

Fidelity Property Management – there were no changes to our listing. Tony Lisanti is President and Iqbal Hussain is the Controller. We also list two Property Manager

Invar Building Corporation – Executives include Dusty Miklas, President; Frank Spain, Executive Vice President; Greg Miklas, Vice President; Sal Crimi, President, S.C. Land Management; Hugh Magennis, President, Granleigh Construction Ltd.; John Wolpert, Vice President Finance and Terrence Dineen, Vice President Legal Services

At Shiu Pong Group of Companies on Baldwin Street we updated the President, Henry Hung and Vice President Daniel Hiung. Barbara Kwan is the General Manager and Gregory Wong the Controller

Nick Kanji is Presidenet of Sutter Hill Corporation at 201 Consumers Road

T & T Properties – Andrew Tylman and Joseph Tenenbaum are the Principals and Howard Bisgould continues as the Controller

At Tandem Group and Sundance Development Corporation, Alon Szpindel is the President and at Tandem, Evelyn Visconti is the Vice President Residential

We confirmed the key executives, Babak, Mazyar and Tooran Mortazavi at TAS DesignBuild

Jay and Marty Roth are Presidents of Residential and Commercial respectively at The Avro Group and Tom Cowley is the Vice President of Finance

In our Commercial Real Estate Lawyers category we updated Baker Schneider Ruggiero LLP in Toronto with Partners Lew Baker, Bernie Schneider, George Ruggiero, and David Spencer. Associates with the firm include David Sloan, David Goldman, Bryan Whealen, Bruce Milburn and Christine Jonathan. Their practice encompasses all aspects of commercial financing and real estate development

In London we updated the Real Estate practice at Thomson Mahoney Delorey with Stewart Thomson, Partner; Richard Mahoney, Partner and Kevin Fryday an Associate

At Brownlee LLP in Edmonton we updated some of the Partners in their Real Estate group including Roger Swainson, Dan Peskett, Bruce Coombs and Rodd Thorkelsson. In Calgary we updated Glen Scott, Partner and Joanne Klauer, a Partner in the Municipal practice