Recent Updates


There were no changes


There were no changes in our Intergulf Development Group listing in Vancouver.
Nabih Faris is the Chief Executive Officer; Hareesh Sara, President and Shaadi Faris, Vice President. We also updated 4 other contacts
Three of the senior contacts at Cardel Homes in Calgary are Ryan Ockey, Chief Executive Officer; Mike Selinger, Regional President and Kerry Obrigewitsch, Chief Financial Officer
Patricia Giffen is the  Corporate Controller at Canapen in Edmonton
Our Alloy Homes listing in Calgary shows Chris Lemke, Managing Partner, Design & Real Estate and Mace Mortimer, Managing Partner, Construction
We added one new contact and confirmed Nathan Lancaster, President & General Manager at Lancashire Developments in Brantford, ON
We also added Simon Buckett, Chief Financial Officer to the Lark Group in Surrey
Multi-Area Developments in Stoney Creek – confirmed Aldo DeSantis, President and David DeSantis, Vice President
George and Sherry Schluessel are the senior contacts at ProCura Real Estate Services in Calgary
We have Hugh Gorman, Chief Executive Officer and two Vice Presidents at Colonnade BridgePort in Ottawa
We added Jay Cowan, Senior Vice President, Property Management and Christopher Gourley, Vice President, Strategic Projects to The Strategic Group in Calgary
Burlington’s M+H Properties Group – Brad McDonald is the Chief Executive Officer. Don Hughes and Jean Deschenes are Managing Partners
A new listing to the Directory is Lotus Capital Corp. in Vancouver. Shenoor Jadavji is the President; Steve Krilanovich and Cam Greive are Partners


Marcraft Homes Ltd. in Port Moody shows Mark Jauck, President
We updated EPIC Investment Services in Calgary listing Jeff Kohn, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Allan Okabe, Senior Vice President, Investments; Western Canada
We added Daniel Yanowski, Vice President, Development to the Sundial listing and confirmed Glenn Farber, Chief Financial Officer
The Acorn Development Corporation has 6 contacts including Paul Minz, President and Ian Minz, Vice President, Investments
The Conservatory Group – added Corey Libfeld, Partner
Marcus Shantz is President at Mercedes Corp. in St. Jacobs
We changed the head office address for Dawsco Property Corporation. Contacts are Peter Cohen, Chief Executive Officer; Percy Fink, Chief Financial Officer and Errol Jones, Vice President
We added Lydia Chen, President & Chief Executive Officer and updated George Kosziwka, Chief Financial Officer and Jeff Hyslop, Senior Vice President, Asset Management at InnVest Hotels in Mississauga
John Cutruzzola, Chairman and President, Inzola Construction are two of the contacts in the Inzola Group Ltd. listing in Brampton
We made a complete update of the Runnymede Development Corporation listing. The two key executives are Larry Lebovic, Chief Executive Officer and Jack Feintuch, Executive Vice President. We also list two other Vice Presidents
Added Andrew Webster, Vice President Development & Construction and Natalie Reisman Breger, Vice President, Legal to The Rose Corporation listing
Woodbourne Canada Management – Jeffrey Heyman is Founder & Chief Investment Officer; Jake Herman is President and we added Terry Coghlan, Chief Operating Officer
Updated Robert McKee, President of Firm Capital Property Trust
In Toronto we moved Eddy Boudiwan, Chief Operating Officer to Capstack Advisory
Leith Moore is the President of Waverley Projects Inc. in Toronto
We added Lou Falco, Executive Vice President to the Valour  Capital Management listing in Burlington. Thomas Long is the Vice President Real Estate


We added Kanvi Homes in Edmonton with Farhan Virani, President and 3 other contacts

A few of our updates at Toronto’s Great Gulf are President & Chief Operating Officer, Low-rise; Mike Kirchmair, Chief Financial Officer and Jerry Patava, Chief Executive Officer

Also in Toronto our Great Lands Corporation listing shows Sam Sadr, President and 3 other contacts

Updated Mercedes Corp. in St. Jacobs, confirming Marcus Shantz, President

Pratt Homes in Barrie – Karen Hansen is President with Heljar Hansen. Todd Palmer is the Vice President, Marketing & Sales

Alterra Developments in Toronto – Robert is President & Chief Executive Officer; Richard Cooper, Executive Vice President; Stuart Wilson, Chief Operating Officer; Sharon Gerwitz, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer. We also updated 3 Vice Presidents and added Matt MacCharles, Director of Development to the directory listing

Fab Stanghieri, Executive Vice President & General Manager at Cineplex in Toronto

Don Husack is the President at Dawn Victoria Homes in Burlington

We updated the Dream Office REIT with Rajeev Viswanathan, Chief Financial Officer; Bruce Traversy, Senior Vice President, Investments and 7 other contacts

There are 3 family members at Ghods Builders in Toronto. Ghasem Ghods, President; Rosa Ghods, Vice President and Vice President, Business Development


At Hopewell in Calgary we confirmed Mike Vollman, General Counsel, Hopewell Capital and Colin Peter, Vice President, Retail with Hopewell Development

Our listing for Doral Holdings (Seaway Mall in Welland and Southcrest Plaza in London) shows Michael Belcastro, President

We updated several contacts at Ledingham McAllister in Vancouver

Delta Land Development Ltd. – confirmed Bruce Langereis, President; Kirk Robinson, Senior Vice President and Lori Kay, Director of Finance

Jason Ha is the Vice President Construction at Concord Pacific in Vancouver

Also in Vancouver we updated Burrard International confirming Doug Allan, Vice President, Operations and Peter de Zwager, Project Manager. Caleb Chan is the Chief Executive Officer

Confirmed David Benjestorf, Legal Counsel & Director of Land Development as the key contact at Aldritt Land in Edmonton

We had a note from EDENSHAW to update their new address, 129 Lakeshore Road E in Mississauga. The listing shows David McComb, President & Chief Executive Officer; Joe Marchello, Senior Vice President Finance & Administration;Andrew Konev, Vice President Development and Constante Mercado, Director, Construction

We added two new contacts at Adgar Investments & Development Ltd. – Catherine Cherwinka, Director, Property Operations and Heidi Schumacher, Director, Construction & Projects. Chris Tambakis is the Chief Executive Officer, North America

Our listing for Keycorp Developments in Langford, BC shows Jim Hartshorne, President; Duncan Magee, Vice President and Rohan Rupf, Development Manager

Confirmed Jim Mackey, Vice President Development and Randy Klapstein, Chief Executive Officer at Carlisle Group in Calgary

Also in Calgary we updated Spartacus Holdings Ltd. with Paul Tarjan, President and two Associates

At Inside Edge Properties in Ottawa David and Taylor Hunter are Principals and Heather Cannon is the Vice President Operations

In the Halifax office of Fiera Properties, Graham Pattison is Senior Vice President, Segregated Funds and Dwayne Doolan is Vice President, Leasing

We added Joshua Berger, Director of Investments, Residential Group to the Canderel listing in Toronto

Glen Corporation – Paul Clark, Chief Financial Officer; Jordan Rose, Vice President and Andy Zrnec, Director, Property Management were confirmed


We added Aaron Bryant, Vice President, Construction & Design to the Crombie REIT listing in New Glasgow, NS

In Vancouver we added Julian Kendall, Development Manager and updated Jason Turcotte, Vice President Development at Cressey Development Corporation

We updated the complete Concord Pacific Group Inc. listing and added David Ju, Vice President

Rob Petersen is the  President at Carriage Signature Homes in Edmonton

At Oxford Properties in Calgary we confirmed Dave Simpson, General Manager, Bow Valley Square

Calgary’s section23 group – we confirmed the key executives and added Marion Murray, Senior Vice President and Brad Wright, Vice President, Urban Design & Architecture

Confirmed Rick Ilich, President and updated 4 other executive at The Townline Group of Companies  in Richmond BC. Jeff Winton, Development Manager was added to the listing

Two new contacts at Armel Corporation in Toronto are Daniel Hsieh, Vice President, Finance and Maeve Callery, Vice President

Great-West Lifeco announced Paul Finkbeiner, Executive Vice President, Global Head, Real Estate. Ralf Dost was named President of GWL Realty Advisors

Some housekeeping, changes in titles and addresses + updates and additions to the development company directories

Devmont Inc. in Montreal: confirmed Sam Scalia, President, Joseph Scalia, Vice President, Director of Operations and added Felix Allaire, Vice President, Development

CT REIT – Ken Silver is the President & Chief Executive Officer and Kevin Salsberg, Senior Vice President, Real Estate

At Rosdev in Montreal we added Davide Bennati, Director of Construction & Property Manager and confirmed Andrew Bougadis, Vice President Operations & Development

Two new additions to the Urbacon listing in Toronto are Peter Russell, Vice President Properties & Development Management and Kevin Johnston, Vice President, Data Centre Solutions. Luc Loyer is the Vice President Field Operations

There were no changes at Platinum Properties Group Corp. in Vancouver. Mel Machado is shown as the Vice President Operations plus 2 other senior contacts

At Queenscorp Group in Toronto, Mark Bozzo is the President & Chief Executive Officer; Gerard Caverson, Chief Financial Officer and Ed Warankie, Vice President Development

We have 4 senior contacts at Pangman Development Corp. in Edmonton including Kevin McKee, President and Dean Wulf, Vice President Acquisitions & Leasing

A few changes, updates and additions to our Real Estate Finance Directory

1. We confirmed Tony Baratta, Managing Director, Corporate Coverage at BNP Paribas in Toronto

2. We moved Paul Lavoie, Senior Manager of Business Development to Laurentian Bank in Toronto. Tony Da Silva, Vice President Real Estate Financing & Syndications and several other contacts were updated in the spring

3. We added David Wilson, Vice President, Real Estate Finance to the CLMS listing in Halifax

4. At Canadian Western Bank in Regina we confirmed Kelly Dennis, Senior Assistant Vice President & Branch Manager and James Lowrie, Assistant Vice President Commercial Banking

5. Mark Bulietta is the Regional Head & Market Vice President at CIBC Real Estate Finance Division in Vancouver

6. We confirmed two of the contacts at CIBC World Markets in Toronto. Chris Bell is Co-Head & Managing Director and Mark Johnson, Co-Head & Managing Director

Canadian Developer Updates

The first 4 are in Vancouver and the others are in Calgary

1. We created a new listing for Impark on Cordova West. Ty Stafford is the Chief Executive Officer; Brad Gehring, Chief Human Resources Officer; Allan Villegas, Chief Financial Officer and Nicola-Jane McNeill, Senior Vice President, & General Counsel

2. We updated Belkorp Group of Companies with Stuart Belkin, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer; Tom Lindsay, President & Chief Operating Officer; Michael Heskin, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer and 3 other contacts

3. Larry Rank has moved to Churchill International Property Corporation. Philip Langridge is the Chief Executive Officer and Darcy Ulmer, Vice President

5. At Nustadia Recreation Inc. in Calgary, Garfield Ganong is the Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

6. Ivanhoe Cambridge – we updated Alan Rivait, Director of Leasing in the Calgary office

7. Also in Calgary we updated the Centron Group. Robert Harris is the Chief Executive Officer; Cole Harris, President & Chief Operating Officer; Don Avant, Chief Financial Officer and 4 Vice Presidents