Recent Changes and Updates

Recent Development Company Updates
July 2021

Added Melissa Walsh, Director of Leasing to the Bentall Calgary Directory listing

Confirmed the executive contacts in our Brava Development Corp. listing and added Travis Beatty, President, Brava Apartment REIT; Matt Wiens, Chief Financial Officer and Doug Henwood, Vice President, Finance. Jordan Giustini is the President

Also confirmed Senior Vice President Retail, West at Quadreal Retail

Copez Properties in Calgary lists Peter Copez, CEO and Lyra Varin, Director of Finance

Cape Group in Vancouver is a new listing in the Western Canadian Developers Directory. Key contacts are Ralph and Reisa Schwartzman. Also included are Zack Ross, Chief Operating Officer; Lan Zhang, Chief Financial Officer and Rupert Campbell, Director, Development & Acquisitions

Brian Tsang is the Executive Director with Enrich Developments in Richmond

Hayer Builders Group a condo developer in Surrey shows Rav Hayer, President & Chief Executive Officer

Also in Surrey we added Gramercy Developments with 3 Partners, Randy Klassen, Daphne Luking-Klassen and Stephan Luking

June 2021

Updated the complete Ottawa The Regional Group listing with 15 contacts. There were new titles for Steve Gordon, Executive Chairman and Sender Gordon, President & Chief Executive Officer. Sean Johnson is the Chief Financial Officer and David Kardish, Senior Vice President Land Development; Pierre Hurteau, Senior Vice President, Investments & Leasing and Tal Scher, Vice President, Asset &  Property Management. A new contact to the Ottawa Developers Directory is John Clark, Vice President, Tax & Valuation

At Seasons Retirement Communities in Oakville we confirmed LeighAnne Voll, Chief Operating Officer; Raheem Hirji, Chief Financial Officer and added Jeff Weaver, Director of Financial Planning

Our Carbonleo Quebec listing has 8 senior contacts including Andrew Lutfy, President and newly added Jean-Luc Dion, Vice President Construction. Michael Stroll is the Vice President Leasing

Montreal’s Fiera Properties – Pierre Pelletier, Senior Vice President, Development Funds; Jean-Philippe Dube, Senior Vice President, Development and Jean-Philippe Brault, Vice President Development were confirmed and updated

We updated the 2 senior executives at Edison Properties in Winnipeg confirming Miriam Bergen, President and Frank Koch-Schulte, Vice President

Bryton Capital Corp. – Jeremy Yaseniuk, Principal and Patrick Lai, Senior Vice President Investments

Toronto Developers June 18th updates

At Kaitlin Corporation we confirmed Bill Daniell, President; Sheree Wong, Vice President Finance and added Devon Kaitlin, Director of Business Development

Chartwell Retirement Residences – confirmed Vlad Volodarski, Chief Executive Officer; Karen Sullivan, President & Chief Operating Officer; Sheri Harris, Chief Financial Officer and 6 other executives

Our Armour Heights Developments listing shows Frank Mazzotta, President and two other contacts

We added Sven Vollenbruch, Vice President to the Slate Asset Management listing and updated contact information for Steven Dejonckheere, Vice President, Development; Michael Molyneux, Vice President Asset Management and Mark Cornacchia, Director, Investments

Confirmed Peter Persechini, Chief Operating Officer and Roy Birnboim, Chairman at Beaux Properties

Added Michael Fraidakis, Managing Director, Co-Head of Canadian Investments to the BentallGreenOak listing

Mary-Ann Deebank, Senior Director, Real Estate Strategy was updated at CIBC Corporate Real Estate

First Capital – added Neil Downey, Chief Financial Officer; Eric Sherman, Vice President, Real Estate and Terry Ledamun, Vice President, Leasing Central

Our First Gulf Corporation listing has David Carreiro, President; Brian Harrison, Executive Vice President; Andre Mihelic, Executive Vice President; Thom Jackman, Senior Vice President, Business Operations; Jonathan Weinberg, Vice President Retail and Solito Mallari, Vice President & Controller

Western Developers updates

Kitsaki Management – added Ron Hyggen, Chief Operating Officer and confirmed Russell Roberts, Chief Executive Officer

ASPAC Developments – added Freeman Lane, Vice President Construction and updated John Ryan, Vice President Development and Christy Baragar, Director, Finance

Darwin Construction – updated David and Oliver Webbe; Alan Nijjar, Chirf Financial Officer; Rod Gabel, Vice President of Construction and Dana Samis, Vice President, Marketing & Sales

PARC Retirement Living – confirmed Tony Baena, President & Chief Executive Officer and Russell Hobbs, Vice President Development & Construction. Rainer Muller is the Founder & Chairman

Centron Group – added Howard Phillips, Director of Finance

Estancia Investments – Reg Hammond and Andrew Borle, Vice President Real Estate Services are the senior contacts

Broadview Homes, a Qualico Company – Our listing shows Peter-John Woolf, Vice President

Toronto Developers June Updates

Beswick Group lists Kevin and David Bestwick and Marilyn Lowe, Controller

OMERS Infrastructure has three new contacts in the Toronto Directory. Annesley Wallace, Executive Vice President; Kenton Bradbury, Managing Director, Asset Management and Steven Zucchet, Managing Director

Lou Massi is the President at Bramcon Construction in Brampton

Added Tracy Johnston, Chief Financial Officer to the Timbercreek Toronto Developers Directory

Sud Group Developments – Elliott Sud, Principal; Adrian Rasekh, Director of Development & CFO; Ecaterina Agheeva, Financial Controller, Canadian Investments and Warren Sud

Rafael Lazer, Chief Executive Officer and Amit Almog, Chief Financial Officer were confirmed at Elad Canada and we added Dror Duchonvy, Vice President Marketing & Asset Management

Harry Glicksman, Partner and Marty Glick are Partners at Capitol Buildings

Toronto Developers May 27th Updates

Confirmed Marco De Simone and Doug Skeffington at Royalpark Homes and Gary Silver, President at Norstar. Also, David Cummings, Vice President, Finance at Q Residential

Added Michael Fraidakis, Managing Director, Co-Head of Canadian Investments and updated Barry Meyer’s title to, Principal, Property Finance at BentallGreenOak

Also added a new contact, Lou Politano, Senior Vice President to the Infrastructure Ontario listing

At Starlight Investments we added Raj Mehta, Global Head, Private Capital and updated several of the 22 contacts in the listing

Stephen Robertson is a Managing Director at LaSalle Investment Management and Kevin Stark, Senior Vice President, Investments at Trinity Developmement Group

Waterfront Toronto – Added George Zegarac, President & Chief Executive Officer and Cameron MacKay, Vice President, Strategic Communications and updated the other 9 contacts

May Updates

At Amacom we confirmed Randy Baker, Vice President Commercial & Industrial Properties; Teresa Sutherland, Vice President Asset Portfolio Management and Jeff Shickele, Vice President, Finance & Technology

We updated the Calgary listing for Cove Properties confirming Grant Klapstein, Founder & Chief Executive Officer; Doug Mazurek, President, Southern Alberta; John Sparrow, Vice President, Sales & Marketing and Melanie Wood, Director of Sales

Hillsboro Group, also a Calgary company, lists senior contacts Keith and Colin Ferrel. Colin White is the Vice President, Development

Innovation Residential in Saskatoon lists Tyler Mathies and Alex Miller, Partners

Wesgroup Properties, Vancouver – key executives are Peeter Wesik, President; Beau-Duane Jarvis, President; Sandeep Manak, Chief Financial Officer; Derick Fluker, Senior Vice President, Acquisitions; David Waldref, Senior Vice President Finance

Our researchers made a complete update of Econo-Malls in Montreal. Murray Wisemanis the  Chairman; Robert is the President & Chief Executive Officer; Howard the Vice President & Chief Operating Officer and Charlotte Nagy, Chief Financial Officer

Two new contacts in our Ottawa Directory are Connor Shea, Director, Asset & Investment Management and Ron Matheson, Director, Real Estate with Colonade Bridgport

In the Toronto Developers Directory we updated

Eric Abugov is the President of Stockdale Development Corp. in Toronto and Annette Mincer is President at Direct Properties Inc.. Di Blasio Group’s executives are Selo Di Blasio, President and Alvaro Di Blasio, Vice President. Peter Cipriano is the Chief Executive Officer at Goldpark Group. We also updated George Friedmann, President at Goldome Management. Liberty Development Corporation was pretty much updated but we confirmed Marco Filice Senior Vice President & General Counsel. Greg Speirs, Executive Vice President, Portfolio Management; Colin Martin, Senior Vice President Finance & Administration and Martin Zegray, Senior Vice President were updated at Realstar

May 2021 Updates

We Updated the Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund confirming the Senior executives and two Real Estate contacts, Doug Brunsdon, Managing Director of Real Estate and Mark Wojcichowsky, Principal, Real Estate

One Properties had 3 updates. Laurie Anderson, Chief Financial Officer; Tom Burr, Vice President, Multi-Family Development and Kimberlie Garraway, Vice President, Property Management

Hazelview Investments formerly a Timbercreek company lists Ugo Bizzarri, Chief Executive Officer; David Melo, Senior Managing Director & President; Gigi Wong, Chief Financial Officer, Timbercreek Communities and 5 other senior contacts in Finance, operations and Human REsources

Nicholas Stryland has joined Blackwood Partners as Vice President Asset Management

Karl Ditoro is the General Manager at Ivanhoe Cambridge’s Conestoga Mall

Sandi Mileta-Clancy is the Vice President, Property Management at Triovest in Toronto

Jennings Real Estate Corporation in Ottawa is a new company listed in the Directory. Ken and Christian Jennings are the Principals

We updated Rosefellow Developments in Montreal with Sam Tsoumas and Mike Jager, Partners

The Haven Developments listing in Toronto shows Paolo Abate, Chief Executive Officer; Anthony Abate, Vice President Design & Development and Jordan and Daniel Teperman

At Royal Pine Homes in Woodbridge, Frank Carogioiello, Preesident; Steve Carogioiello, Vice President Construction, and Alfonso Carogioiello are the key contacts

Tom and Adam Ehrlich are the Principals at Tram Developments on Sterling Road in Toronto. Matthew Winston is the Director of Operations

Our researcher confirmed Laura Flaman, Senior Director Property Management at Canderel Management (West) in Calgary

 April Update

Curated Properties – Adam Ochshorn and Gary Eisen are the Principals

DASH Developments lists Sharon Golberg and Jon Yoken, Partners

We added Melissa Evans, Vice President, Retail, National Marketing to QuardReal Retail

Shawn Hamilton is the new Vice President Business Development, National Capital Region with Canderel

IMCO (Investment Management Corporation of Ontario) has 8 contacts in our Toronto Developers Directory. President & Chief Executive Officer; Kathy Jenkins, Chief Financial Officer; Brian Whibbs, Managing Director, Real Estate; Andrew Garrett, Executive Director, Real Estate Portfolio; Richard Varkey, Executive Director, Real Estate Portfolio; Fred Robert, Executive Director, Infrastructure; Tim Formuziewich, Managing Director, Infrastructure and Kyle Goettling, Associate Portfolio Manager, Real Estate

We added FullG Capital an Investment Firm and Drew Coles, Chief Executive Officer

Mountsfield Properties is a new Toronto Developer with Richard Kennedy, Principal.

Mark Brule is the Assistant Vice President Operations at Homestead Land Holdings in Toronto

At Key Properties Group we confirmed Adrian Ransome, Director and added Ed Frezza, also a Director

Prism Multi Family Group is another new company listing in Toronto. Mark Zolty is the President; Bernard Heitner, Director; Mitch Zolty, Partner and Adam Karoly, Acquisitions Associate

Ene Underwood, Chief Executive Officer and Bruce Johnson, Chief Financial Officer are the senior executives at Habitat For Humanity GTA. Our list also includes Joshua Benard, Vice President Real Estate Development; Wayne Dempsey, Vice President Construction and Arthur Ho-Wong, Director, Planning & Real Estate Development


We added Belford Properties with Sherry Ko, Chief Financial Officer and Jay Lin, Vice President, Development

Also in Vancouver we added Jackie Murphy, Director of Asset Management to the Low Tide Properties listing

Added Justin Deknatel, Vice President Property Operations to Hungerford Properties in Vancouver

In Edmonton we completed an update for EPIC Real Estate Developments. Key contacts are Sam Narayan, President; Bijan Mannani, Chief Executive Officer and Rahim Rahemtullah, Vice President Sales. University of Calgary Properties lists 8 contacts led by James Robertson, President & Chief Executive Officer and Gregg Callander, Chief Financial Officer. Other key contacts are Leo Scarcello, Vice President Retail Development and Maureen Henderson, Director, Marketing & Communications. We also updated Genstar Development Company with Paul Boskovich, President; Marcello Chiacchia, Vice President Calgary Communities and Ben Czelenski, Regional Controller. Battistella Developments in Calgary shows Simon and Paul Battistella. Also in Calgary we updated the TAG Developments Directory listing confirming David Adler, Executive Chairman; Jason Fjeldheim, President and Mark Tanasichuk, Vice President Development. We also added Richard Knibbs, Senior Vice President, Asset Management. Cathton Investments – Catherine Roozen, Chair; Robert Manning, President and Tracey Martin Woywitka, Chief Financial Officer

Herb Evers is the President at The Waterstone Group in Vancouver

March 2021

Real Estate Finance Updates

We added Marc Prefontaine, President to the KV Real Estate Finance listing in Edmonton

Confirmed Mike Frigo, Vice President, Commercial Real Estate in Toronto and Matthew Walton, Vice President at Wells Fargo in Vancouver

Updated Stephen Stewart, Executive Vice President, Mortgage Investments at Centurion Mortgage Capital in Toronto

Added Carol Hobbs, Chief Financial Officer and Elaine Fong, Chief Compliance Officer to Calgary’s Axcess Capital Partners. Bill Buterman is the Chief Executive Officer and Peter Jarman, Chief Operating Officer

Peoples Trust Toronto – Vice President & Regional Manager Eastern Canada and Michael Gonzalez, Vice President. In Vancouver we have Jonathan Wong, Vice President & Regional Manager and Tracey Steman, Assistant Vice President

Confirmed Bob Balfour, Managing Partner, Development Finance Group and TJ Lee, Managing Director at MCAP in Calgary

PenCor Capital in Vancouver shows Bob Lee, President and Ian Cullen, Vice President

Development Company Updates

Vandyk Group of Companies – confirmed John Vandyk, President & Chief Executive Officer; Dominic Zita, Executive Vice President; Sherman Chan, Vice President, & Managing Director and added John Vandyk Jr., Vice President Construction

Dunpar Developments Inc. – John Zanini is President; Michael DiPasquale, Chief Operating Officer and we list 2 other Vice Presidents in the Directory

Muzzo Group of Companies was updated with Marc Muzzo, President; Joseph DeTommaso, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs; Barry Stern, Vice President, Development; Robert Parker, Vice President Investments & Asset Management and Penny Ho, Vice President, Finance

Covington Group – Carl DiNardo is the President at this London homebuilder

Cedarglen Homes in Calgary lists Scott Haggins, Chief Executive Officer

Ventura Custom Homes – Cliff Penner, President and  Tim Cormack, Vice President Development are the key contacts

Cominar REIT – in the Montreal office we show Wally Commisso, Executive Vice President, Operations and Michael Racine, Executive Vice President Leasing

Mancal Properties – Frank Stollbert is President and we added Anita Arora, Vice President, Assets & Finance

Manulife Financial – We added Gregory Sweeney, Senior Managing Director & Head of Canadian Real Estate Investments

Times Group – senior executives are Hashem Ghadaki, President; Saeid Aghaei, Principal; Mohamad Ghadaki, Principal; Hessam Ghadaki, Corporate Counsel

March 8th

At Calgary’s Assured Communities we updated Gene Fabro, President and Ashif Dhalla, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Cardel Homes has two updates  Ryan Dyck, Senior Vice President Construction and Kerry Obrigewitsch, Chief Financial Officer. Ryan Ockey is the Chief Executive OfficerThere is a new contact at BentallGreenOak in Calgary. Our updated listing shows David Bujnowicz, Associate, Commercial Mortgages along with Art Skow, Vice President, Property Management; Nathan Kusnyir, General Manager Operations

Confirmed Peter Dirksen, Vice President at Christenson Developments

In Regina we updated Munro Homes with Colin and Ashley Chorneyko, Partners

section23 group has 5 contacts including Robert Ollerenshaw, Executive Chairman and Chris Plosz, President

Sarah Bingham, Director Of Development is a new contact at Adera Development Corporation in Vancouver

We moved Tim Logel, President from Cardel Homes to Cardel Lifestyles in Calgary

Toronto Developers Directory

The Gulamani family are the key contacts at Bayview Hospitality Inc. Alnoor is President, Imran Vice President and Sameer Gulamani Managing Director & General Counsel

We added Paul Mouchakkaa, Managing Partner, Canadian Investment Management to the BentallGreenOak Toronto head office listing

Aberdeen Homes is a Homebuilder in Kitchener. Jim Hallman is President and Claudia Haack, Chief Financial Officer

Susan Murphy, Vice President, Development is one of eight contacts listed at the Minto Group Inc. office in Ottawa

Chester Carere, Guelph, Ontario is the Presdent of Guelph City Realty

New Companies in the Western Canadian Developers Directory

Aberdeen Highlands of Kamloops with Terry Ternier, President and Chris Bebek, General Manager

Target Projects in Vancouver with Mike Garrett, President

Abstact Developments in Victoria – Mike Miller, Chief Executive Officer; Kyle Ryan, Chief Operating Officer; Tavish Rai, Chief Asset Officer and Marc MacCaul, Vice President

Calgary’s Western Securities Limited lists Ryan O’Connor, President; Scott Baldwin, Chief Financial Officer and Mike Brescia, Vice President & Partner

Harlo Capital in Toronto is a new listing in the Toronto Developers Directory. The 3 senior contacts are Jeffrey Kimel, President & Chief Executive Officer; Andrew Lepper, Chief Financial Officer and Geoffrey Nelles, Senior Vice President, Real Estate & Operations

Also new to the Directory is Republic Developments Inc. with Matt Young, President and 2 other senior contacts

Starfish Properties has offices in Toronto and Halifax. Louis Reznick, President and Bradley Gordon, Vice President, Asset Management & Development are in Toronto and Simon Wilbee, Vice President, Construction is in Halifax

Montreal’s Angus Development  Christian Yaccarini, President & Chief Executive Officer; Charles Larouche Ing, Senior Vice President; Andre Shareck, Vice President, Finance and 2 other Vice Presidents

Terra Group of Companies in Vancouver lists Stuart Thomas, Principal and Simon Davie, Chief Operating Officer in our Western Canadian Developers Directory

Avillia Developments, a homebuilder in Edmonton shows Patrick and Eleni Shaver; Chris Comeau, Chief Financial Officer and Dustin Berube, Vice President, Land Development

WPT Industrial is a REIT with properties in 20 states south of the border. Their head office is in Toronto listing Scott Frederiksen, Chief Executive Officer

February 2021

Tricap Properties, we show Jennifer Czapka, Executive Vice President; David Fiume, Chief Financial Officer; Jon Chan, Vice President, Finance and 2 other contacts

M+H Properties – Brad McDonald is the Chief Executive Officer. Don Hughes and Jean Deschenes are Managing Partners

Watson Properties – we updated Shirley Watson, President; Cierra Watson, Executive Vice President, Development and added Jeffery Brown, Chief Operating Officer

Ryan Visser, is the Vice President Construction at Broccolini Construction’s Mississauga office

We added Doug Tam, Vice President, Commercial Construction to the One Properties Toronto listing and updated Jeff Marshall, Vice President Development

Nexus REIT in Oakville has Kelly Hanczyk, Chief Executive Officer and Rob Chaisson, Chief Financial Officer

Centurion Asset Management in North York has 8 senior contacts including Greg Romundt, President & Chief Executive Officer; Robert Orr, Chief Financial Officer; Lucian Ionescu, Executive Vice President, Residential Operations and Daryl Boyce, Executive Vice President, Corporate Finance

Sandra Noest, Chief Financial Officer and Guery Goyo, President are the key contacts at Villarboit

Talus Capital Corp. is an Indutrial developer in Toronto. Jonathan Wheler is the President

Panattoni Development Co. lists Wade Dobbin and Andy Smele, Partners. Michael Smele is the Executive Vice President and Mike Serio, Senior Vice President Construction

Truman Development Corporation – George Trutina is President, Tony, Chief Operating Officer and Peter, Vice President Land Development. Adrian Hornett is their Chief Financial Officer

Also in Calgary, we updated Birchwood Properties with Jeff Cheverie, President & Chief Executive Officer; Carl Cheverie, Executive Chairman; Steve Joseph, Chief Financial Officer and Adele Kerr, Director of Sales & Marketing

CentreVenture Development Corporation in Winnipeg lists Angela Mathieson, President & Chief Executive Officer

We added Dustin Wright, Senior Director, Marketing Communications to the Arbor Memeorial Services listing

Calgary’s Baywest Homes is headed up by Steve Critchlow, Vice President, Operations

Billy Carreiro is the Vice President, Finance at Tacada in Edmonton

Empire West Properties is a new listing in Vancouver. Contacts are: Dean Aujla, Chief Executive Officer; Angelo  Penafuerte, Vice President International Business & Finance and Peter Smith, President, Sales & Marketing

We updated Westcorp Properties in Vancouver with Phil Milroy, President & Chief Executive Officer; Gail Temple, Vice President, Operations and Keenan Chow, Vice President Finance

We added Leigh Melnychuk, Vice President, Edmonton Communities to the Alberta Genstar listing and added Dave Boles, Vice President, Winnipeg Communities

 Orr Development in Vancouver lists Bruce Orr, Partner and Eddie Papazian, Senior Property Accountant

Jonathan Sigler and Laurence Vincent are Co-Presidents at Prevel, a Montreal homebuilder

John and Christie Simpson are the key executives at Shepard Development Corporation in Calgary

 January 2021 Updates

We added a new listing for Mosaic Homes, Vancouver. Clint Murphy is the Chief Financial Officer; Geoff Duyker, Senior Vice President, Marketing; Andrea Camp, Senior Vice President, Sales and Adrien Heberts, Vice President, Land & Development

Another new company listing is CML Properties in our Commercial Managers category. Matt and Craig Wallin are partners and Managing Brokers

Avenue Living Asset Management shows Anthony Giuffre, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman; 2 other divsional CEOs; and Andrew Sear, Chief Financial Officer

In Calgary we updated the Landstar contacts – George Mylonas, President & Chief Executive Officer and Robert Moskovitz, Executive Vice President Development & OperationsWe added two new contacts to the BentallGreenOak listing in Calgary – Art Skow, Vice President, Property Management and Nathan Kusnyir, General Manager Operations

Deana Grinnell, Vice President, Real Estate, BC is a new contact at Canada Lands in Vancouver

Everest Development Group in Acheson lists Zafir Rashid, Chief Executive Officer and Zack Penner, Vice President. John Lorenz is a Vice President in their Mississauga office

Toronto’s Summit Industrial Income REIT added Paul Dykeman, Chief Executive Officer; Ross Drake, Chief Financial Officer; Dayna Gibbs, Chief Operating Officer; Jonathan Robbins, Senior Vice President, Investments and Kimberley Hill, Senior Vice President, Asset Management

Momentum Developments – confirmed Peter Maxwell, Brian Prudham and Seth Jutzi Partners. Bryan Hopps is the Chief Financial Officer. Lastly we moved Michael Maxwell to Maxwell Building Consultants as President

We updated the Daniels Capital Group listing confirming Ashley D’Silva, President and George Kallinikos, Controller

Alberta Developers Directory is all new for 2021!

WolfeCorp, is a Toronto developer of heritage buildings in the King-Spadina neighbourhood. Richard Wolfe is the Chief Executive Officer; Jeff Wolfe, President and Matthew Wolfe, Vice President

December 2020 Updates

In our Real Estate Finance category we updated Fiera Private Debt in Toronto. Ryan Topple and Ralph Doerr are Managing Directors, Real Estate Financing

Updated Triovest Realty Advisors in Edmonton with Marc Harden, Vice President, Leasing and Olympia Trencevski, Senior Director, Property Management

Also in Edmonton we added Shawn Hanson, Vice President, Property Management to the Royop Development Corporation listing

Confirmed Steve Charest, President & CEO at King & Benton Group in Brantford

Rod and Cory Letourneau are the Principals at Letourneau Developments Ltd. in Edmonton

Fred Johnston is the President of Calgary’s Equity Development Inc.

Aspen Properties in Calgary lists Greg Guatto, President & Chief Executive Officer; Rob Blackwell, Chief Operating Officer and Kelly Wildeman, Vice President Financial Reporting

Christenson Developments, Edmonton – Greg Christenson, President & Co-Owner and Peter Dirksen, Vice President are the key contacts along with Bard Golightly, Chief Executive Officer

Gary & Terry McPhail are the Principals at Farrell Estates Ltd. in BC. Our listing also has 3 other family members

Homes By Avi – Avi Amir, Chairman; Monte Kendall, Vice Chairman;Alice Mateyko, President, Alberta Single Family; Charron Unger, Chief Executive Officer; Naum Shteinbah, Senior Vice President, Acquisitions & Financing and Doug Beach, Vice President, Single Family are new contacts

At ICM Realty Group in Calgary we added David Vankka, Partner & Managing Director. Bruce Timm is the President & Chief Executive Officer

The Redstone Group is a new listing to our Western Canadian Developers Directory. This BC Developer has Ali Nanji, President, Redstone Enterprises Ltd. and Ayaz Velji, Vice President as the top contacts

Vancouver’s Musqueam Capital Corporation – added Alex Laguardia, Chief Financial Officer and Babu Kadiyala, Vice President, Real Estate

Arne and Peder Masden are partners at CCR Building in London

PeopleCare, a Retirement Communities company in Kitchener has 2 new contacts: Megan Allen-Lamb, President & Chief Operating Officer and Kim MacPherson, Vice President People

Greenwood Retirement – Confirmed Debbie Hemmens, President and added Adam Zucchetti, Vice President Finance and Jennifer Nicoll, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

In Toronto we updated Terrier Properties with Robert and Andrew Hay

QuadReal Property Group in Vancouver has 9 senior contacts listed including Steve Barnett, Chief Operating Officer; Remco Daal, President, Canadian Real Estate and Jonathan Dubois-Phillips, President, International Real Estate

The Aragon Group – confirmed Lenny Moy, President; Daniel Michaud, Director, Construction and Kuljinder Shoker, Controller

Opus Corporation – confirmed Hannes Kovac, President & Chief Executive Officer and added Andrew Wallace, Senior Vice President, Development and Jordan Kopelchuk, Director of Finance

At Oxford Properties in Calgary we list Rick Artus, Director, Office Leasing and Ryan Sirski, Senior Director Leasing

Cadillac Fairview, also in Calgary has Guy Priddle, General Manager, Calgary Office Properties; Darryl Schmidt, Vice President National Leasing and Peter Stack, Director, Office Leasing

Mohawk Medical Properties REIT – Hamilton contacts are Andrew Shapack, President; David Luu, Director, Finance & Accounting and Cher Freedman, Director, Leasing

November Updates

Pinnacle International Realty Group in Vancouver – Mike De Cotiis, Chief Executive Officer; John Moy, Vice President, Finance; Anson Kwok, Vice President, Sales & Marketing and David Tong, Corporate Controller

Osmington Inc. – Lawrence Zucker, President & Chief Executive Officer; Sandro D’Ercole, Chief Financial Officer;r Jason Levin, Vice President; Vlad Amurjuev, Vice President Investments

Montez Corporation – Brian Muzyk and Blake Hossack, Co-Chief Executive Officers; Manfred Lau, President; Anthony Valentini, Chief Financial Officer; Owen Parkhill and Gary Milani Senior Vice President, Development

Granite REIT – We added Lorne Kumer, Executive Vice President, Head of Global Real Estate; Kristy Boys, Vice President, Treasury and Mario Pecile, Vice President Construction, North America

Choice Hotels Canada – added Karen Tam, Chief Financial Officer and confirmed President, Brian Leon

Greybrook Realty Partners – confirmed Peter Politis, Chief Executive Officer and added Chris Salapoutis, President & Chief Operating Officer; Karl Brady, Chief Financial Officer and Jared Berlin, Executive Director, Asset Management

BTB REIT – confirmed Michel Leonard, Chief Executive Officer and added Mathieu Bolté, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

H&R updated Jennette Leyland, Vice President, Leasing

Granite REIT updated Lawrence Clarfield, Senior Vice President, Legal Counsel and Lorne Kumer, Executive Vice President, Head of Global Real Estate

Artis REIT in Toronto lists Reggie Chan, Vice President Asset Management, Eastern and Adriano Luciani, Vice President, Property Management, Ontario

Updated Mark Hraynyk, Director, Property Management and Dominic Adesanya, Group Controller at AON Inc.

The DeSantis Real Estate Ltd. listing in Hamilton shows Tony DeSantis, President and Anthony DeSantis Jr., President, DeSantis Developments

Graystone Homes – Derek Anderson, President and Dennis Dalton, Vice President

Fairweather Properties in Winnipeg lists Michael Nozick, President and Keith Bernier, Chief Financial Officer

Winnipeg’s Globe General Agencies Ltd. has 7 contacts including Richard Morantz, President & Chief Executive Officer and Ron Penner, Chief Operating Officer

Iberville Developments in Montreal shows Sylvan Adams, Chief Executive Officer and Diane Pardillo, Vice President Finance

The key contact at Rancho Management Services in Vancouver is Chris Sargent, Vice President & General Manager and in Edmonton, Pauline Findlay, Vice President & General Manager

The 3 senior contacts at Kaitlin Corporation are Bill Daniell, President; Kaitlin Daniell, Vice President and Sheree Wong, Vice President Finance

Added Steven Heller, Vice President Low-Rise Development and Robyn Rabinowitz, Vice President, Development to the Plazacorp listing

Scott Harris is the General Manager, Toronto Urban Properties at Morguard

Fishman Holdings’ Ohad Shapira is the Chief Executive Officer and Gal Amber, Chief Financial Officer

Cominar updated with Sylvain Cossette, President & Chief Executive Officer; Antoine Tronquoy, Chief Financial Officer and Jean Laramée, Executive Vice President

At Crombie in Nova Scotia we confirmed Donnie Clow, President & Chief Executive Officer and Glenn Hynes, Chief Operating Officer. In Toronto we added John Barnoski, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

Allied Properties REIT – confirmed Ceclia Williams, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer; Gordon Oughton, Vice President, Leasing, Central & Western Canada and Andrew Groenewegen, Vice President, Asset Management

ComField Management Services lists Eddie Lok, President and George Larter, Vice President

Arthex Property Management – confirmed Georgio Kosmidis, Chief Executive Officer and Catherine Kosmidis, Director, Operations

MF Property Management in Guelph shows 4 Partners; Margot Morel, Carla Guthrie, Jamie Poodry and Sara Hicks

Also in Guelph, Williams & McDaniel Property Management lists Clark McDaniel, Chief Executive Officer and Zeljka Budjinski, President & Chief Operating Officer

ICC Property Management updates include Steven Christodoulou, Chief Executive Officer; Judy Statham, President and Brian Dos Santos, General Manager

Reid McLaughlin is the President at AMG Property Management in Ottawa

Nancy Singer, Executive Director at Kehilla Residential Programme was confirmed

Hani Killu, President and Anita Cocetta, Vice President, Finance are the key contacts at GPM Property Management in Concord

October 30th

Slate Asset Management in Calgary lists Brian Bastable, Managing Director

Added Bryce Starlight, Vice President, Development to the Taza Development Corp. Calgary listing. William Briscoe is the Chief Executive Officer and Dan Van Leeuwen, Managing Director

WestMark Holdings has 4 contacts including Rod Gerla, President; Paul and Keith Gerla and Mel Munstermann, Manager, Land Development

Confirmed Roman Drohomirecki, Chief Operating Officer, Retail at Ivanhoe Cambridge in Calgary

NorthWest Healthcare  Terry Schmitt is Regional General Manager, Western Canada

Trevor Lee, Senior Vice President, Development & Construction is a new contact for Crombie REIT in Calgary

Chard Development Ltd. in Vancouver updated Dave Chard, Executive Director & Founder; Byron Chard, President & Chief Executive Officer; Steve Vernon, Vice President Operations and added Jenny To, Director of Finance

No changes in the Stonecroft Group, Abbotsford listing. Fred Thiessen and Vern Siemens are the Principals

Madison Pacific Properties – Marvin Haasen, President & Chief Executive Officer; Dino Di Marco, Chief Financial Officer; Rob Hackett, Vice President Property Management and new to the listing is Nathan Worbets, Vice President, Development

Narland Properties still has Peter Chappell, Chief Operating Officer and Chris Sherry, Principal since 2006 and Elissa Dabiri, Vice President, Operations since 2010

We added Jeffrey Wright, Senior Vice President Construction to the Polygon Homes listing.

UBC Properties Trust added Aubrey Kelly, President & Chief Executive Officer and confirmed Don Matheson, Chief Financial Officer

October 29th

At Desjardins Global Asset Management in Toronto we updated titles for Brian Spratley, Regional Vice President, Real Estate Investments and Frank Sinclair, Asset Manager. Claude Landry, Vice President, Eastern Canada and Lyne Roy Payette, Vice President are the key contacts in Montreal

We spoke to Wycliffe Homes a Toronto low rise residential, land, retirement home and condo developer. The key long term contacts are Gary Bensky, President; Dan Art, Vice President Finance and Jared Bensky, Vice President Land Development

We updated two contacts at Firm Capital American Realty Partners and added Brandon Hafner, Vice President, Finance and Mark Goldreich, Vice President, Finance. Alex Speigel is the Partner at Windmill Developments in Toronto. Our listing for V!VA Retirement Communities in Toronto shows Eli Marder, President; Monica Dashwood, Director of Development; David Martin, Director of Finance and Michelle Chisholm, Director of Operations

Bryton Capital Corp., in our Advisor category confirmed Alexandre Kadijevic, Principal and Patrick Lai, Senior Vice President Investments

Sterling Silver Development Corporation – Ken Kirsh is the Chief Operating Officer and Austin Phillips, Chief Financial Officer

The senior management team at NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT remains unchanged since our last update. Key executives are Paul Dalla Lana, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer; Bernard Crotty, President; Shailen Chande, Chief Financial Officer; Andrew Thompson, Executive Vice President Development; Dave Casimiro, Senior Vice President, Canadian Operations and Andrew Kidd, Senior Vice President

Ottawa Developers Directory

InterRent REIT – Mike McGahan, Chief Executive Officer; Curt Millar, Chief Financial Officer; Dave Nevins, Chief Operating Officer; Brian Awrey, Vice President, Finance and Chris Willoughby, Vice President. Colonnade BridgePort – Hugh Gorman, Chief Executive Officer; Greg Johnston, Vice President, Property Management and Richard Getz, Vice President Retail; Mark White, Vice President, Leasing and Kyle Larkman, Director, Finance

Akash Sinhais is the President at Dharma Developments

Uniform Urban Developments – Peter Stenger, President and Yale Gaffen, Chief Financial Officer

Final September Updates

We added Forme Development to our Western Canadian Developers Directory. Damon Chan is the President. At The Steeves & Rozema Group in Sarnia we completed a full listing update with John Scotland, Chief Executive Officer; Ryan Trusler, Chief Financial Officer; Lisa Smith, Vice President Corporate Real Estate; Carole Alexander, Vice President Long Term Care; Clarke Boddy, Vice President Retirement Living and Auriel Pope, Vice President Culture. Westbank in Vancouver has Ian Gillespie, Chief Executive Officer; Judy Leung, Chief Financial Officer and 3 other contacts in development, acquisitions and leasing. In Edmonton at the West Edmonton Mall we added Danielle Woo, General Manager and confirmed Dean Shaben, Vice President Leasing.

A few other Toronto Developers & Managers updates

Sam Balsamo is the President at Condor Properties. Corrine Dorazio is the Vice President, Leasing at Dream Office REIT. Niall Collins is the President, Great Gulf Residential at Great Gulf Homes. Miriam Kotzer is a Vice President with Humbold Properties. New contacts or title changes at Oxford Properties are Mark Cote, Head of Development, Canada; Jeff Miller, Head of Industrial; Head of Brand, Marketing & Communications; John Filipetti, Vice President Design & Innovation and Jay Drexler, Vice President Retail, EuropeTa. ra Brouwer-Sutton and Ho Tek are Partner at Domus Student Housing. Aoife Mc Govern, Shopping Centre Manager is with Davpart’s Gerrard Square. Alison O’Neil, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Adi Development Group

More September Updates

Mitchell Abrahams’ Benvenuto Group has an “Inspired Midtown Rentals” project going up at Redpath and Soudan. Confirmed Marcel Shoraka, Director, Real Estate Investments and James Davis, Chief Investment Officer at OP Trust and added Tracy Hatanaka-Lejieks, Chief Financial Officer. Confirmed Aaron Bryant, at Crombie REIT in New Glasgow, NS. Updated Merkburn Holdings in Ottawa with Kevin Rougeau, Managing Partner, Leasing & Property Management and Peter Dooher, Managing Partner. The Montreal office of Magil Laurentian Realty lists Sol Polachek, Chairman; Gary Polachek, Chief Executive Officer; Lori Polachek, Vice President and Robert Uditsky, Vice President, Administration & Accounting. Maureen Flanigan, Vice President, Asset Management heads up the Ottawa office. Added Nancy Henderson, Vice President; Jeff Taylor, Vice President and Kim Homenuk, Vice President Marketing to Toronto’s Reserve Properties. Sheldon and Shane Fenton are the two top executives. And at Fiera Properties in Toronto we added Susan MacDonald, Vice President Finance and confirmed Kathy Black, Vice President, Development

A new company to our Western Developers Directory, Woodbridge Northwest lists Jim Billingsley, President & Chief Executive Officer; Kevin Johnston, Chief Financial Officer and three other contacts. Jean-Paul Grenier, Vice President US Operations; Kim Cheng, Director of Accounting & Finance and Tim Harvie, Controller

We also updated Northwest Properties confirming Klaus Richter, President; Cam McLennan, Chief Financial Officer; Ingus Silgailis, Vice President Leasing; Christoph Richter, Vice President Portfolio Management and Kelly Richter, Director of Marketing

American Hotel Income Properties is a Vancouver REIT. Key contacts are John O’Neill, President & Chief Executive Officer; Chris Cameron, Chief Investment Officer and new to our listing are Bruce Pittet, Chief Operating Officer; Anne Yu, Vice President, Finance; Pankaj Maharjan, Managing Director, Asset Management; Martin Pinsker, Senior Director, Investments and Jamie Kokoska, Director, Investor Relations

Added Searl Kibel, Vice President, Asset Management to the Forgestone Toronto listing and updated David Becket, Vice President Asset MConfirmed David Forbes and Patrickanagement

McFetridge, Partners at Enright Capital in Calgary an added two new contacts

Moved Ted Willcocks, formerly with Manulife to President & Chief Executive Officer to Triovest in Toronto. Vince Brown is now Managing Director, Triovest Properties

Updated the A.R.G. Group listing showing Galli Tiberini, President and Biagio Simonetta, Chief Financial Officer. Neil Palmer is the Director, Planning & Development

We changed the address and added Andrew Woods, Senior Vice President to the Gairloch listing in Toronto

EPIC Investment Services – added Jeffrey Kohn, Co-Chief Executive Officer; Cindy Yung, Vice President & Controller and Geoff Moffat, Vice President, Business Development. Laetitia Pacaud is the Chief Operating Officer & CFO

At Realstar we added Arthur Eng, Vice President, Finance; Geoffrey Squibb, Director, Investment Management; Hedayat Nasoody, Vice President Asset Management and Justin Chung, Vice President Asset Management. David Chalmbers is the President, Canadian Multi- Family

Added Neil Fischler, Asset Management, Canadian Multi-Family at Starlight; Mario Bocchicchio, Development, Canadian Multi-Family and Heather Kane, Asset Management, Canadian Multi-Family

Concert Properties – Adrian Kozak, Vice President Investments

Minto Apartment REIT – Glen MacMullin, Chief Investment Officer

Osgoode Properties in Ottawa has Jessica Greenberg, Vice President Asset Management

Greenwin – Joseph Grassia, Vice President, New Developments & Construction

GWL – Krystal Hamilton, Director, Asset Management and GWL Vancouver – Beth Breasail, Vice President, Asset Management

LaSalle – Michael Cornelissen, Senior Vice President

Sierra Construction Group – Harry Bauman, Vice President

Peterson Investment Group in Vancouver – Mark Boden, Vice President, Asset Management


At Delcon Development Group we confirmed Bill Winter, Vice President Development and John Wanchulak, Vice President Leasing & Sales. Irv Kipnes is the President

Tri-Eagle Development Corporation – the key executives include Spencer Lee, Founder + Travis and Cory Lee

Confirmed Oilan Wong, Vice President Finance; John Chasmar, Vice President Leasing and Dean Reed, Vice President Property Management at Warrington PCI Management

North Prairie Developments – our listing shows Andrew Williams, Chief Executive Officer; John Williams, President; Bernice Williams, Partner and Donovan Williamson, Chief Financial Officer

Radhe Gupta, Chief Executive Officer; Mark Donnelly, Chief Financial Officer and Rohit Gupta, President are the C-Suite executives at Rohit Group. Our listing also has 3 Vice Presidents

Shape Properties
We have updated Debora Mathias, General Manager at Deerfoot Mall in Calgary; Graeme Johnson, Executive Vice President and Michelle Paquet, Vice President, Development in Vancouver

Ron Renaud is the President & Chief Executive Officer at Rencor Developments in Calgary

Calgary Municipal Land Corporation – Confirmed Kate Thompson, President & Chief Executive Officer; Kondwani Bwanali, President, Finance & Corporate Services; Clare LePan, Vice President, Marketing and added Kelly Coles, Director, Development

Tony Russo is the President at The Circadian Group. Joe Crivici is a Vice President along with Helmut Penner, Vice President Investor Relations

We added Alexander Thomson, Vice President, Investments to the Cameron Development Corporation and updated 8 other executives

Rockford Group has 3 contacts including Darren Schaaf, President

The Principals at Cancorp Property Group are Ken Struss, Eli Ghanime and Bill Greene

Rob Millar and Eileen Stan are the key contacts at Matco Development Corp.
We added Marc de La Bruyère, Principal & Managing Director to the Maclab Properties Group. Bruce Bentley is the Chair


Syvan Developments – Edmond Vanhaverbeke, President and Theresa Vice President were confirmed
At Hillcore Real Estate Investments John Weiler is Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer and Gene Gomes, Managing Director.

Our Regional Power listing shows Colin Coolican, President & Chief Executive Officer and James Carter, Vice President, Development & Operations
Gus Karamountzos is the President at Obsidian Group. And Aldo Gottardo, President & Chief Executive Officer at Gottardo Group. We confiirmed Steve Rawlin, Senior Vice President at Triovest Realty Advisors and confirmed Jonathan Gitlin, President & Chief Operating Officer at RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust

Terrence and Nicolas Tyers are the key contacts at Shannondale Developments

York University Development Corp. – We added Gary Brewer, President and Lui Vercillio, Director, Construction
Norman and Myer Godfrey are Principals at Yorkwood Investments

Updated Diamond Corp. with Laurie Payne, Vice President of Development; Kate Hatoum, Director of Development; Madison Isaacman, Director of Acquisitions and Caitlin Willcocks, Director of Development


Osgoode Properties – Confirmed the senior management team with Jeff Wright, Chief Financial Officer; Patrick Whelan, Chief Operating Officer; Geoff Younghusband, Senior Vice President and Stephen Greenberg, President. Darren Fleming is the Chief Executive Officer at C. Fleming Developments. The Charlesfort Development Corporation listing shows Doug Casey, President and Wendy Bennett, Director, Sales & Marketing. Sean O’Sullivan is the Vice President & GM with BentallGreenOak on O’Connor Street. We contacted Domicile Developments confirming John Doran, President; David Chick, Senior Vice President; Vice Presidents Jose Dinis, Rick Morris and Roch Chevrier. The key contacts at Glenview Manangment are Mark, Ian and Jacob Shabinsky. Metcalfe Realty Company has 6 contacts including Antony Fuller, President and John McKenna, Vice President. Richcraft Group – Kris Singhal, President; Steve Grandmont, COO; Stephane Chartrand, CFO and Vice Presidents Kevin Yamm and Rob Clement. The Properties Group’s Jules Sigler, Stuart Levine and Brian Lahey are the Principal Consultants. We added Craig Whitten, Partner to the Huntington Properties listing. The 2 other Partners are Derek Noble and Alan Whitten. Bryon and Doug Springer are Partners at Springer Group in Kingston. Also in Kingston we updated M. Sullivan & Son with Rob Ball, President; Greg Sullivan Vice President and General Manager and Peter Kenny, Vice President Operations. Canoe Bay, a retirement home company has 3 executives listed. Gary Harper, Chief Exeutive Officer; Jim Fullarton, Chief Financial Officer and Justin Chubaty, Vice President Design

Western Developers July 16th
Edmonton’s Bedrock Homes was updated with Cam Ferchoff, President and Dee Tran, General Manager
Confirmed Bill Winter, Vice President Development and John Wanchulak, Vice President Leasing & Sales at Delcon Development Group also in Edmonton
Joseph Tse is the President and Edward Leung, Vice President at Mapeland Homes in Calgary
Our Rockford Group listing has Darren Schaaf, President and Greg Boulton, Construction Manager

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Penta Builders Group in Richmond – Barry Cavanaugh, President
We confirmed 3 executives at Cancorp Property Group in Calgary. Ken Struss, Eli Ghanime and Bill Greene are Principals
Urban One Builders in Vancouver shows Allan Beron, President; Jason Woods, Vice President Finance & Co-Founder; Blair Winsor, Vice President Construction & Co-Founder; Brent Olund, Vice President Construction; Edwin Chann, Founding Partner & Chief Estimator; Rob Ezart, Director of Pre-Construction and Jim O’Connell, Financial Controller
Craig Corbett, President is a new contact at Maclab Properties in Edmonton
6 Commercial Property Management companies and 18 contacts
In our Commercial Property Managers category we updated Atlantis Realty Services adding Jeremy Hourigan, Vice President, Legal Affairs. Kelly Hourigan is President and Mark Zucchet, Vice President, Property Management
Sky Property Group is a new listing with Salim Henareh, President and Marc Pourvahidi, Vice President, Business Development
Crown Property Management -our 3 key contacts are Les Miller, Managing Partner; Gary Summers, Partner, Operations & Construction and Kevin Stevenson, Vice President, Special Projects
Paul Chisholm is the President at Berkley Property Management and we also confirmed Paul Melady, Vice President, Operations and Richard Jaikaran, Vice President, Finance
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In Oakville we updated Strategic Property & Asset Management with Robert Bellissimo, President and 2 other contacts
There were several executives updated at Centrecorp Management Services. Robert Green is President; Tracy Butler-Schembri, Executive Vice President; Executive Vice President; Brett Glanfield, Senior Vice President Property Management; Simon Smith, Senior Vice President Leasing; Tony Fazari, Senior Vice President, Specialty Leasing; Heather Ball, Senior Legal Counsel and Avi Batalion, Director of Leasing
23 Developer contacts updated
We added New Urban Retail Inc. to the Toronto developers and Managers Directory. Jamie Chisholm is the President and Merilee Chisholm is the Business Manager
Updated Hullmark Developments with Jeff Hull, President, and added Noah Rechtsman, Executive Vice President, Private Equity. Other contacts we confirmed are Leona Savoie, Senior Vice President Development; Ann Campeau, Senior Vice President Finance; Karen Walker, Senior Director, Tenant Experience and Mitch Gillin, Senior Director, Investments
At Pratt Homes in Barrie we list Karen Pratt-Hansen and Heljar Hansen, Presidents and Cynthia Grassing, Vice President, Marketing & Sales
CentrePort Canada in Winnipeg – confirmed Diane Gray, President & Chief Executive Officer and added Aimee Goyer, Executive Director, Marketing & Communications and Jill Chapman, Director, Partnerships & Community Engagement
We added Don Cant, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer; Addy Saeed, Vice President, Acquisitions and Paul Holowaty, Vice President Operations, Income Properties to the Equiton Inc. listing in Burlington. Jason Roque is Chief Executive Officer; Helen Hurlbut, Chief Financial Officer; Greg Placidi, Chief Investment Officer; Cliff Fraser, Chief Business Development Officer
Nancy Brauweiler is the Chief Financial Officer at Polaris Realty in Mississauga and Antonio Dal Sasso is the Director of Operations in the Vancouver office

Western Developers Summer 2020

We updated 4 family members at the McLean Group in Vancouver and confirmed Norman Elliot, Executive Vice President Finance and Kenny Diebel, Senior Vice President, Real Estate. Peter Mitchell is President of Vancouver Film Studios23 contact
Updated the Sterling Group, A Qualico company in Calgary. Bill Bobyk is the Vice President
Mark Shuparski is the Principal at Pacific Capital Real Estate Group
Boardwalk Rental Communities  Sam Kolias, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer; Rob Geremia, President; Van Kolias, Senior Vice President Quality Control; Lisa Russell, Senior Vice President Corporate Development and Jeff Klaus, Vice President, Development & Acquisitions
At Bogner Development Group in Richmond, BC we confirmed the 4 key contactsLeon Bogner, Wolfgang Wittenburg, Twylia Kuss and Larry Schneider
Our listing for Bosa Development has Richard Weir, Executive Vice President; Clark Lee, Chief Financial Officer; Dorinda Birch, Vice President Finance and two Bosa family members
We made a total update of the Calbridge Homes listing in Calgary adding Joe Ferraro, Chairman; Andrew Linehan and Tony Robinson, Senior Vice Presidents. Beverley Higham is the President & Chief Financial Officer

Toronto Developers June 27th

We added a new listing for STOCKTON&BUSH Property Services Inc. with Jason Smolar, President. At Stockton & Bush, Gerry Gotfrit is President and Jeff Albin, Vice President Finance
We added Michael Tucci, Vice President, Acquisitions & Development and Kathryn Randall, Director of Development & Planning to the Rockport listing. Jack Winberg is Chief Executive Officer. Other executives are Daniel Winberg, Principal;  Valerie Kendell, Vice President Finance; David Scott, Vice President of Construction and Michael Tucci, Vice President, Acquisitions & Development
DCMS Realty Developmentscontacts are Domenic Gesualdi, President; Joseph Gesualdi, Director, Development Planning and Lynn Antonacci, Controller
We updated the Crestpoint Real Estate Investments listing with Kevin Leon, President; Colin MacKellar, Executive Vice President and added two Directors. Lara Di Gregorio, Director, Acquisitions & Asset Management and Aubrey Greenberg, Director, Acquisitions & Asset Management. Elliott Altberg is Vice President, Acquisitions & Asset Management and Jamie Miller, Senior Director, Acquisitions. Devon Howsam, Vice President, Acquisitions & Asset Management and Elliott Altberg, Vice President, Acquisitions & Asset Management are also contacts
Our Huntington Properties Ottawa Inc. listing shows Alan Whitten, Founding Partner; Derek Noble, Partner; Craig Whitten, Partner and Lynn Heaton, Lynn Heaston, Director of Property Operations
Also in Ottawa, Marc Shank, Vice President & General Manager is the key contact at Cominar Real Estate Investment Trust

June Updates

Landry Biles is the General Manager at the TD Centre; Cosimo Commisso, Director, Portfolio Operations and we added Graeme Doyle, Senior Manager, Operations
A new listing in the Directory for Bluebird Self Storage has Joseph Tan, Managing Principal, Investments
Al Libfeld is the President  and his son Steven is the Chief Executive Officer at Tribute Connunities. Ray Jankelow is Chief Financial Officer; Lucy Stocco, Executive Vice President; Gus Stavropoulos, Chief Financial Officer and we confirmed two other Vice Presidents Steve Deveaux, Vice President Land Development and Mary Liolios, Vice President Sales & Marketing
We updated the Tridel listing with Rags Davloor, Executive Vice President, Finance & Strategy; Mark Witkowski, Senior Vice President, Asset Management Finance and Jude Eversley, Senior Vice President, Corporate Planning. Other updates are Andrea DelZotto,  Executive Vice President, Community Development; Jim Ritchie, Chief Operating Officer; Dino Carmel, President; Leo DelZotto, Chief Executive Officer
Contacted Trivest Developments to confirm two contacts. Richard Cornblum, President and Tony Marner, Vice President
Aldgate Group – Steve Goldberger, President and Vice President Property Management are 2 of the 3 contacts
Georgian Renovations (Georgian Development Group) was updated showing Frank Maida, President and Matthew Maida, Director of Property Management + Ron Goegan, Director, Corporate Development and Erich Shabot, Director of Sales
We have two Guglietti contacts in the Developers Directory; Silvio Guglietti is General Manager at Melrose Investments and Marco is the President at Rosehaven Homes

May / June Updates

Katz Group Properties Inc., in Edmonton listing Daryl Katz, Chairman and Jürgen Schreiber, Chief Executive Officer

In Ottawa we contacted two companies with new information. Glenview Homes has Jacob Shabinsky, Managing Director and Michael Michaud, Land Development Project Manager.

Ashcroft Homes lists David Choo, President

Quebec developer update examples are Jean-Jacques Laurans is President; Jean-Luc Binette, Executive Vice President; Gilles Binette, Vice President; Frédéric Bossart, Vice President Business Development; Jose Melo, Vice President Finance and Joël Chareyron, Vice President Strategy & Business Development at Le Groupe Alfid.

Pierre Varadi, President at Groupe Canvar Inc..

René  Bellerive, President and Martin Raymond, Vice President at Kevlar

In Western Canada we have 641 Development Companies. 

Tacada is a new listing with Ralph Hutchinson, Chairman; Tally Hutchinson, President & Chief Executive Officer; Casey Hutchinson, Chief Strategy Officer. Alphonse Pilon is President of Residential Housing and Thomas Erickson, Vice President Properties

Century Group in new Westminster. We udated 10 contacts including Sean Hodgins, President; Bob Ransford, Vice President, Development and Richard Morley, Vice President, Operations and added Jennifer Woolley, Vice President, Finance; David Hanson, Vice President, Construction; Geoff Eccott, Director, Development Planning; Stefan Melnyk, Director, Mixed Use Projects

Joseph Sereda, Manager, Property Transactions & Financing was added to the Genesis Land Development listing in Calgary

United Equities Group is a Winnipeg developer with Monte Nathanson, Chairman of the Board and Warren Greenspoon, President & Chief Executive Officer

Also new to our database is Richard Morden, Senior Vice President Office, Prairies at Quadreal in Calgary

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Cresco in Nova Scotia lists Hossein Mousavi and Taleb Abidali, Principals

Dave Onishenko is the Principal at Clarity Development Advisory  in Edmonton

We added 3 new contact so our directory listing for One Properties in Edmonton. Kimberlie Garraway is Vice President, Property Management; Cheryl Ewasiw, Director, Property Management and Wahab Momin, Director of Finance

BRIGIL Developments & Construction in Gatineau develops High Rise Residential and Condo buildings. The Founder is Gilles Desjardins; Alan Aron, Chief Operating Officer and Luc Guttin, Chief Financial Officer. The new listing also has Vice President Development, Brigil Platine; Marc Laprise, Vice President Finance & Operations and Lynn Brown-Harper, Vice President Human Resources

 In case you missed it…

Last month we also updated Toronto Global adding Toby Lennox, President & Chief Executive Officer; Terrie O’Leary, Executive Vice President, Business Strategy; Leslie Sutherland, Vice President, Human Resources. Winston Young, Chief Financial Officer

Katalyst Real Estate Corp with Kunal Adhikari, Chief Executive Officer and Ivan Rodriguez, Director, Development & Construction

Hines Canada’s office in Calgary lists Patricia Mah, General Manager; Tony Napier, General Manager in Edmonton and Avi Tesciuba, Vice President in Toronto as well as Julie Robinson, Vice President, Construction

In Regina we confirmed Jason Carlston, Vice President and Leanna Prost, Controller at Dream Development. Brock Dergousoff is Vice President, Construction in their Regina office

The Downing Street Group’s listing has Anthony Alberga, Chairman; Daniel Odorico, President & Chief Financial Officer; Marc Canale, Partner & Chief Operating Officer and 3 other contacts

We confirmed Ronnie Roth, President; Richard Jacobs, Director of Leasing; Tony Mordini, Leasing Manager and Scott Webb, Property Manager with The Milestone Group

Updated two of the 4 contacts at Steele Valley Developments. Lorne Bossin is the Chief Financial Officer and Harry Kichler, the Vice President Leasing

The Pemberton Group – we show Marc Muzzo, President and Olivia Muzzo, Director of Planning

Frank and John Perciasepe are Partners at Fairglen Homes

Ian, Gary, David and Bob Jones are the key contacts at BGI Group

Southbridge Care Homes in Cambridge had title changes and we added 2 new contacts. Keith McIntosh is Managing Director; Ryan Bell, Chief Executive Officer; Richard Franzke, Vice President Business Development and we added Adam Beirnes, Chief Financial Officer and Oren Barfoot, Vice President, Development

More April Updates

Confirmed Stafford and Nigel Lawson, Principals at Parallax in Toronto and added Mohammad Farhanji, Director of Construction

Our listing for the Rosdev Group in Montreal shows Michael Rosenberg, President & Chief Executive Officer; Sal Fratino, Executive Vice President & CFO; Martin Rosenberg, Executive Vice President; Andrew Bougadis, Vice President Operations & Development;  Arie Friedman, Vice President, Healthcare Division;  Gabriel Amar, Legal Counsel  and Thierry Deslisle, Vice President, Legal Affairs. We also added Jamie Aronoff, Director of Operations & Leasing

Medallion Corporation lists Nathan and Aron Bleeman, Vice Presidents; Peter Grater, Chief Financial Officer and Shimon Smursz, President, Medallion Developments plus George Espinola, Director Residential Property and we added Chris Tsugawa, Controller, Income Properties

We had an email from Fiera letting us know that Jens Ehlers no longer works for Fiera Real Estate. We added Susan MacDonald, Vice President Finance to the listing

The Cortel Group in Vaughan has Mario Cortellucci, President and Peter Cortellucci, Vice President

John Mcmanaman is the President and John Johnstone, Director of Leasing at Cordova Realty in Moncton

Mark Kindrachuk, President & Chief Executive Officer and Sandy Acchione, Chief Financial Officer are the key executives with Intermarket Real Estate Group in Toronto

Our Calgary listing for Loblaw Properties has Daniel Jay, Senior Director, Real Estate as the main contact

April Developers Updates

Confirmed the key executives at The Westcliff Group in Montreal. Alan Marcovitz is President; Andy Adelson, Vice President; Keith Jones, Chief Financial Officer; Norma Howieson, Assistant Vice President, Leasing and Marc Montpetit, Regional Director
Also in Quebec at Olymbec Group our updated listing shows Richard Stern, President; Derek Stern, Vice President and Carmen De Angelis, Vice President Leasing and two Leasing Agents, Gerry Anisman, and Johnny Moncada
Marcraft Homes, a Homebuilder in Port Moody lists Mark, Matt and Andrea Jauck
Concorde Properties in Saskatoon – two updates were David Dube, President & Chief Executive Officer and Kirk Cherry, General Counsel, Concorde Group
We updated the Amexon Development listing on Finch Avenue in Toronto. Joseph Azouri is President and David Azouri, Executive Vice President
Toronto’s Baif Developments has Paul Minz, President, Neville Rozowsky, Chief Financial Officer, Baif Management and Lynn Barkey, Vice President, Land Development
We spoke with Cooper Construction in Oakville updating Don Gordon’s title to President; confirming John Goldspink, Chief Financial Officer and adding Dominic Natale, Vice President Development
Richard Mulvale is the Senior Vice President & Partner, Alberta at Leeswood in Mississauga


We updated the HOOP listing in Toronto confirming Chris Holtved, Senior Portfolio Manager; Nick Macrae, Senior Portfolio Manager; Brian Gervais, Director, Facilities Solutions & Services and 3 other contacts
Distrikt Developments lists Emil Toma and Paul Simcox, Founders and 4 other executives. Chunrong Huang is Vice President, Corporate Controller; Marcus Boekelman, Vice President, Real Estate Development; Antonio Niro, Director of Real Estate and Cory Capland, Senior Associate
Kingdom Developments shows Jacob Ma, President and Eric Jensen, Vice President Projects
At Devron Developments we added Pouyan Safapour, President, Devron and Safa Safapour, President of the development company….
..Other Devron contacts include Andrew Murphy, Director of Acquisitions & Development; Jure Selak, Director of Development & Construction; Carolyn Poirier, Director, Sales & Marketing and Domini Baldasaro, Director, Customer Care
Adrian Rocca, Chief Executive Officer heads up the Fitzrovia Real Estate database entry. Of the 8 other contacts we updated Andrejs Mistiouk, Vice President, General Counsel; Mark Tiberia, Vice President, Construction; David Benchimol, Associate Vice President, Development and Alex France, Director, Asset Management
Amexon Development Corporation – the Principals are Joseph Azouri, President and David Azouri, Executive Vice President. We also confirmed Roberto Cordovado, Regional Operations Manager and Lizza Tecson, Property Manager


Real Estate Finance Updates

Barron Moo, Assistant Vice President & Regional Director is a new addition to the Manulife Real Estate Finance office in Vancouver

We confirmed Dale Telfer, Vice President Commercial Real Estate and Garth Stoll, Vice President Commercial Real Estate at HSBC Bank in Vancouver

Our listing for First National Financial in Vancouver shows Russell Syme, Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing and Paul Steckler with thes same title

Raymond James Bank in Toronto – we confirmed Dan Simunac, Managing Director & Principal Officer and David MacKinnon, Senior Vice President, Real Estate & Corporate Banking

Laurentian Bank

Vancouver, Reade Wolansky, Assistant Vice President, Real Estate Financing

Brian Sam, Assistant Vice President in Calgary

Cliff Lebarron, Assistant Vice President in Ottawa

Bob Berkhout, Assistant Vice President, Real Estate Financing in Kitchener

We updated the full Paragon Capital listing in Calgary. Abby Steinberg is the President and Norman is Executive Vice President

Another update was VersaBank in London. David Taylor is President & Chief Executive Officer and Shawn Clarke, Chief Operating Officer. There are 8 other updates in the listing

There were several new contacts including Karen Weaver, President & CEO; Dipti Patel, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer and Emily Randle, Vice President & Chief Risk Officer at MCAN Mortgage Corporation

Toronto Developers Directory Updates
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT.  Updated the listing with 9 contacts including Mark Kenney, President & Chief Executive Officer and Scott Cryer, Chief Financial Officer
BentallGreenOak’s Eastgate Square…Stuart Hathaway is the  General Manager
Our EIWO Canadian Management listing in Kitchener was updated showing Nick Verrecchia, President and CEO and Sheryl McGaghey, Vice President & Controller
Vista Group, also in Kitchener was updated adding Ally Visram, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer and Ashok Sury, Vice President Finance
Fourteen Estates in Ajax confirmed Rick Rondeau, Chief Operating Officer; Shawn Rondeau, President and Karin Rondeau, Vice President
At Tribal Partners Inc. in Toronto we added Sylvie Lachance, Managing Director & Partner and confirmed Lance Trumble and Jack Matthews, Partners
Marco Mancini, President & Chief Executive Officer and Luc Loyer, Vice President Field Operations are two of the six contacts we updated at Urbacon Limited in Toronto
We added Dean Hopkins Chief Operating Officer and Alysha Valenti, Deputy General Council to the Oxford Properties Group listing
Create Toronto has 14 contacts. A few of the updates include Brian Johnston, President & Chief Executive Officer; Jaspreet Hansra-Kulsingam, Chief Financial Officer; Don Logie, Senior Vice President, Development and we added Vic Gupta, Senior Vice President Strategic Development

January 2020

This month we updated 337 companies in our database and 1205 contacts. 163 of the companies were in Real Estate Developers category
Low Tide Properties is a new listing in our Western Developers Directory. The contacts include Andrew Change, Chief Executive Officer; David Ferguson, Chief Investment Officer and Vice Presidents Mike Bishop and Drew de Wynter
Confirmed the 5 contacts in Calgary’s Carlisle Group listing. Randy Klapstein is Chief Executive Officer and Jeff Klapstein, Vice President Finance
Joe Leung is the President at Marquis Communities in Calgary
pba land development – Patricia Phillips is the Chief Executive Officer; Todd Schaan, Chief Financial Officer; Andrew Boblin, Senior Vice President, Real Estate & Development and James Scott, Vice President, Operations
Maclab Development Group in Ottawa – Updates include Bruce Bentley, Chair; Bill Blais, President & Chief Executive Officer; Michael Kwan, Vice President Finance and 3 others
We updated all 10 contacts at Fusion Homes in Guelph. The 3 most senior contacts are Lee Piccoli is Chief Executive Officer; Elyse Kowtecky, Chief Operating Officer and Ryan Scott, Senior Vice President, Development & Finance
At Wesbild Holdings in Vancouver we added David Spivak, Group Chief Financial Officer; Derek Read, Vice President Construction & Development; Kevin Wong, Vice President Leasing & Asset Management and Jay Barre, Vice President, Marketing
Also in Vancouver we confirmed Tim Mashford, Vice President Operations at Larco Hospitality and added Mark McCue, Vice President, Design & Construction
Cameron Development Corporation in Edmonton updates include – Jerry Naqvi, Chairman; Tina Naqvi-Rota, Chief Executive Officer; Cameron Naqvi, President; Shawn Dykstra, Chief Financial Officer. We added Alexander Thomson, Vice President, Investments and Sarb Dhaliwal, Vice President, Asset Management & Operations


This month, in addition to our regular updates we will be updating companies for our new 2020 Directories. Some of the companies we have already completed are;
Royop Development Corporation, confirmed Jeremy Thal, President & Chief Executive Officer; Melvin Foht, Vice Chairman and added Mark Roberge, Chief Financial Officer
Also in Calgary we updated Northview Apartment REIT with Todd Cook, President & Chief Executive Officer; Travis Beatty, Chief Financial Officer; added Karl Bomhof, Vice President, Legal & Corporate Secretary and confirmed 4 other Vice Presidents
At All Seniors Care in Toronto we confirmed Michael Fraser, Chief Financial Officer; Michael Kuhl, President, Development; Joshua Kuhl, Senior Executive Vice President, Operations and 4 other executives
Francesco Aquilini, Managing Director at Aquilini Development Limited
Geoff Croll, President; Bryce Tupper, Vice President Planning & Development and Jason Wexler, Vice President Design & Development at British Pacific Properties
At Decore Hotel Group in Edmonton we confirmed Karyn Decore, President
In London we updated the Fahri Holdings Corporation listing showing Shmuel Farhi, President and Muky Pundaky, Vice President
In Kirkland QC we updated part of the Grilli Property Group contacts. Confirmed were Cristina Grilli and jean-Pierre Grilli, Vice Presidents
Gemstone Corp in Ottawa – changed the address and added Bryan Chandler, Vice President, Finance. Neil Zaret is President and Josh Zaret is the Vice President
Campanale Group in Ottawa has executives Tony, Vince and Rocco Campanale
Calgary’s Arlington Group – 3 of the key executives are Frank Lonardelli, President & Chief Executive Officer; Ron Poon, President, Development and Ralph Bennetsen, Executive Vice President, Development
Boffo Developments – Our listing shows Mike Boffo, President & Chief Executive Officer and Jim Ellis, Vice President, Development
Also in Vancouver we have Pennyfarthing Homes with Anthony Hepworth, Partner and Geoff Hepworth, Development Manager
We confirmed John Horton, President; Simon Holwill, Executive Vice President, Construction and added Raymond Ng, Vice President, Finance. Our listing has 14 senior contacts
We updated several contacts at Metro Ontario Inc. in Etobicoke. Jim Mantua, Vice President Real Estate; Wayne Williams, Senior Director Planning & Construction; Tim Lawlor, Director, Real Estate Development; Yuri Wessolossky, Director of Project Management and Patricia Simiele, Director of Leasing
Beaux Properties at 5140 Yonge Street lists Roy and Jason Birboim,  Peter Persechini, Chief Operating Officer and Cindy Ip, Chief Financial Officer & Business Administrator
Genisis Land. Updated Calgary contacts are Stephen Griggs, Executive Chairman; PS Sidhu, General Manager Home Building and we added Arnie Stefaniuk, Vice President, Land Development
In Saskatoon we updated the complete listing with David Calyniuk, Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Development; Errol Fisher, Vice President Operations and 2 other contacts


We added Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Credit Union to our Real Estate Finance Directory. The key contacts are Jean Grenier, Business Development Manager; Cynthia Wepruk, Director, Business Financial Centre and Cameron MacAulay, Business Development Manager
At Mastercraft Starwood in Ottawa, we added Shauna Pettit, Director of Finance & Operations and in Toronto we confirmed Bruce Greenberg, President
Three of the contacts we have at Ferguslea Properties in Ottawa are Dan Greenberg, President; Lynda Shields, Vice President Administration and Al Bolduc, Managing Director of Operations
Confirmed Brad Smith, President & Chief Executive Officer at AON Inc. in Peterborough
Reid’s Heritage Homes in Kitchener – Our listing has Tim Blevins, President; Scott Reid, President,Reid’s Heritage Properties; Alfred Artinger, Senior Advisor, Land Development and Jim Dodd, Director, Land Acquisitions & Development
William Briscoe is Chief Executive Officer at Canderel MDC Development Management Inc. in Calgary. Our listing also shows Dan Van Leeuwen, Managing Director
Also in Calgary we added Jordan Dawson, Director, Industrial Development, Alberta to the The Beedie Group at 340 12 Avenue SW
And, added the Ocgrow Group in Calgary and Harish Consul, President to the Western Developers Directory
We added Key Living to our Toronto Developers Directory. Craig Shannon was recently appointed their Chief Financial Officer. Daniel Dubois is the President
At Qualico Pacific in Surrey we confirmed the key executives. Gary Mertens, Regional Vice President, Kevin Anderson, Vice President, Qualico Communities BC and 3 other contacts. We also have a directory listing for Qualico Commercial in Calgary showing Brent MacKay, Vice President Commercial Development
Marcus Shantz is President of Mercedes Corp. in St. Jacobs
Mike Yuval and Jack Sofer are Partners at Tidan Group of Companies in Montreal. Ian Copnick is Corporate Counsel and Frank Vela, Vice President Finance
Also in Montreal we have a listing for Allprime Properties showing Allan Hitelman, President an Mike Hitelman, Director of Leasing & Operations
Two new contacts at the Beedie Group in Burnaby are David Pearson, Chief Operating Officer and Houtan Rafii , Executive Vice President, Residential Development


In Calgary we updated Slokker Canada West Inc. confirming Peter Paauw, President; Tom Hong, Chief Operating Officer and adding Matthew Hnatuk, Vice President Operations
We added Monique Clayton, Director of Finance and Richard Goldstein, Director of Construction to the KRP Development Group directory listing in Kanata
We have Vancouver and Toronto listings for Concert Properties Ltd.. Colleen Anderson, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Bev Greene, Senior Vice President, Property Management and Grant Knowles, Director, Property Management were added to the Vancouver office
A new contact to our directory listing at Freed Development Corporation in Toronto is Shael Weinreb, President & Chief Operating Officer. Peter Freed, Chief Executive Officer and Steve Roy, Head of Development were updated
Infrastructure Ontario – added Michael Lindsay, President, Major Projects and Priyal Thakrar, Executive Vice President & CFO. Toni Rossi is President, Real Estate and we confirmed Ehren Cory, President & Chief Executive Officer
Also in Toronto we updated Tricon Capital adding Gina McMullan, Vice President Corporate Accounting and David Mark, Director, Finance. The other 8 contacts at Tricon were confirmed


Graham Pattison is the Senior Vice President, Segregated Funds with Fiera in Halifax. Tammy Newhook and Dwayne Nolan are Vice Presidents
Also in Halifax we completely updated Killam Apatment REIT. Our listing has 11 senior contacts including 6 Vice Presidents, 2 Directors and the CEO, CFO and an EVP
Our listing for Argus Properties in Kelowna shows Ted Callahan, President; Peter Downward, Vice President Construction and Rob Smith, Director of Leasing
We updated the Colonnade Bridgeport listing in Ottawa confirming Richard Getz, Vice President Retail; Mark White, Vice President Leasing and Greg Johnston, Vice President Property Management
At One Properties in Edmonton  we have Darren Durstling, President & Chief Executive Officer, Laurie Anderson, Chief Financial Officer and 5 Vice President in our listing. And in Toronto, Stefan Savelli is the Senior Vice President, Retail and Ian MacLeod, Senior Vice President, Multi-Family, Eastern
Edmonton’s Pangman Development Corp. has 5 contats including Kevin McKee, Chief Executive Officer; Cassandra Watson, Chief Financial Officer and we added Ben Dutton, Chief Operating Officer to the directory listing


There were no changes in our Intergulf Development Group listing in Vancouver.
Nabih Faris is the Chief Executive Officer; Hareesh Sara, President and Shaadi Faris, Vice President. We also updated 4 other contacts
Three of the senior contacts at Cardel Homes in Calgary are Ryan Ockey, Chief Executive Officer; Mike Selinger, Regional President and Kerry Obrigewitsch, Chief Financial Officer
Patricia Giffen is the  Corporate Controller at Canapen in Edmonton
Our Alloy Homes listing in Calgary shows Chris Lemke, Managing Partner, Design & Real Estate and Mace Mortimer, Managing Partner, Construction
We added one new contact and confirmed Nathan Lancaster, President & General Manager at Lancashire Developments in Brantford, ON
We also added Simon Buckett, Chief Financial Officer to the Lark Group in Surrey
Multi-Area Developments in Stoney Creek – confirmed Aldo DeSantis, President and David DeSantis, Vice President
George and Sherry Schluessel are the senior contacts at ProCura Real Estate Services in Calgary
We have Hugh Gorman, Chief Executive Officer and two Vice Presidents at Colonnade BridgePort in Ottawa
We added Jay Cowan, Senior Vice President, Property Management and Christopher Gourley, Vice President, Strategic Projects to The Strategic Group in Calgary
Burlington’s M+H Properties Group – Brad McDonald is the Chief Executive Officer. Don Hughes and Jean Deschenes are Managing Partners
A new listing to the Directory is Lotus Capital Corp. in Vancouver. Shenoor Jadavji is the President; Steve Krilanovich and Cam Greive are Partners


Marcraft Homes Ltd. in Port Moody shows Mark Jauck, President
We updated EPIC Investment Services in Calgary listing Jeff Kohn, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Allan Okabe, Senior Vice President, Investments; Western Canada
We added Daniel Yanowski, Vice President, Development to the Sundial listing and confirmed Glenn Farber, Chief Financial Officer
The Acorn Development Corporation has 6 contacts including Paul Minz, President and Ian Minz, Vice President, Investments
The Conservatory Group – added Corey Libfeld, Partner
Marcus Shantz is President at Mercedes Corp. in St. Jacobs
We changed the head office address for Dawsco Property Corporation. Contacts are Peter Cohen, Chief Executive Officer; Percy Fink, Chief Financial Officer and Errol Jones, Vice President
We added Lydia Chen, President & Chief Executive Officer and updated George Kosziwka, Chief Financial Officer and Jeff Hyslop, Senior Vice President, Asset Management at InnVest Hotels in Mississauga
John Cutruzzola, Chairman and President, Inzola Construction are two of the contacts in the Inzola Group Ltd. listing in Brampton
We made a complete update of the Runnymede Development Corporation listing. The two key executives are Larry Lebovic, Chief Executive Officer and Jack Feintuch, Executive Vice President. We also list two other Vice Presidents
Added Andrew Webster, Vice President Development & Construction and Natalie Reisman Breger, Vice President, Legal to The Rose Corporation listing
Woodbourne Canada Management – Jeffrey Heyman is Founder & Chief Investment Officer; Jake Herman is President and we added Terry Coghlan, Chief Operating Officer
Updated Robert McKee, President of Firm Capital Property Trust
In Toronto we moved Eddy Boudiwan, Chief Operating Officer to Capstack Advisory
Leith Moore is the President of Waverley Projects Inc. in Toronto
We added Lou Falco, Executive Vice President to the Valour  Capital Management listing in Burlington. Thomas Long is the Vice President Real Estate


We added Kanvi Homes in Edmonton with Farhan Virani, President and 3 other contacts
A few of our updates at Toronto’s Great Gulf are President & Chief Operating Officer, Low-rise; Mike Kirchmair, Chief Financial Officer and Jerry Patava, Chief Executive Officer
Also in Toronto our Great Lands Corporation listing shows Sam Sadr, President and 3 other contacts
Updated Mercedes Corp. in St. Jacobs, confirming Marcus Shantz, President
Pratt Homes in Barrie – Karen Hansen is President with Heljar Hansen. Todd Palmer is the Vice President, Marketing & Sales
Alterra Developments in Toronto – Robert is President & Chief Executive Officer; Richard Cooper, Executive Vice President; Stuart Wilson, Chief Operating Officer; Sharon Gerwitz, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer. We also updated 3 Vice Presidents and added Matt MacCharles, Director of Development to the directory listing
Fab Stanghieri, Executive Vice President & General Manager at Cineplex in Toronto
Don Husack is the President at Dawn Victoria Homes in Burlington
We updated the Dream Office REIT with Rajeev Viswanathan, Chief Financial Officer; Bruce Traversy, Senior Vice President, Investments and 7 other contacts
There are 3 family members at Ghods Builders in Toronto. Ghasem Ghods, President; Rosa Ghods, Vice President and Vice President, Business Development


At Hopewell in Calgary we confirmed Mike Vollman, General Counsel, Hopewell Capital and Colin Peter, Vice President, Retail with Hopewell Development

Our listing for Doral Holdings (Seaway Mall in Welland and Southcrest Plaza in London) shows Michael Belcastro, President

We updated several contacts at Ledingham McAllister in Vancouver

Delta Land Development Ltd. – confirmed Bruce Langereis, President; Kirk Robinson, Senior Vice President and Lori Kay, Director of Finance

Jason Ha is the Vice President Construction at Concord Pacific in Vancouver

Also in Vancouver we updated Burrard International confirming Doug Allan, Vice President, Operations and Peter de Zwager, Project Manager. Caleb Chan is the Chief Executive Officer

Confirmed David Benjestorf, Legal Counsel & Director of Land Development as the key contact at Aldritt Land in Edmonton

We had a note from EDENSHAW to update their new address, 129 Lakeshore Road E in Mississauga. The listing shows David McComb, President & Chief Executive Officer; Joe Marchello, Senior Vice President Finance & Administration;Andrew Konev, Vice President Development and Constante Mercado, Director, Construction

We added two new contacts at Adgar Investments & Development Ltd. – Catherine Cherwinka, Director, Property Operations and Heidi Schumacher, Director, Construction & Projects. Chris Tambakis is the Chief Executive Officer, North America

Our listing for Keycorp Developments in Langford, BC shows Jim Hartshorne, President; Duncan Magee, Vice President and Rohan Rupf, Development Manager

Confirmed Jim Mackey, Vice President Development and Randy Klapstein, Chief Executive Officer at Carlisle Group in Calgary

Also in Calgary we updated Spartacus Holdings Ltd. with Paul Tarjan, President and two Associates

At Inside Edge Properties in Ottawa David and Taylor Hunter are Principals and Heather Cannon is the Vice President Operations

In the Halifax office of Fiera Properties, Graham Pattison is Senior Vice President, Segregated Funds and Dwayne Doolan is Vice President, Leasing

We added Joshua Berger, Director of Investments, Residential Group to the Canderel listing in Toronto

Glen Corporation – Paul Clark, Chief Financial Officer; Jordan Rose, Vice President and Andy Zrnec, Director, Property Management were confirmed


We added Aaron Bryant, Vice President, Construction & Design to the Crombie REIT listing in New Glasgow, NS

In Vancouver we added Julian Kendall, Development Manager and updated Jason Turcotte, Vice President Development at Cressey Development Corporation

We updated the complete Concord Pacific Group Inc. listing and added David Ju, Vice President

Rob Petersen is the  President at Carriage Signature Homes in Edmonton

At Oxford Properties in Calgary we confirmed Dave Simpson, General Manager, Bow Valley Square

Calgary’s section23 group – we confirmed the key executives and added Marion Murray, Senior Vice President and Brad Wright, Vice President, Urban Design & Architecture

Confirmed Rick Ilich, President and updated 4 other executive at The Townline Group of Companies  in Richmond BC. Jeff Winton, Development Manager was added to the listing

Two new contacts at Armel Corporation in Toronto are Daniel Hsieh, Vice President, Finance and Maeve Callery, Vice President

Great-West Lifeco announced Paul Finkbeiner, Executive Vice President, Global Head, Real Estate. Ralf Dost was named President of GWL Realty Advisors

Some housekeeping, changes in titles and addresses + updates and additions to the development company directories

Devmont Inc. in Montreal: confirmed Sam Scalia, President, Joseph Scalia, Vice President, Director of Operations and added Felix Allaire, Vice President, Development

CT REIT – Ken Silver is the President & Chief Executive Officer and Kevin Salsberg, Senior Vice President, Real Estate

At Rosdev in Montreal we added Davide Bennati, Director of Construction & Property Manager and confirmed Andrew Bougadis, Vice President Operations & Development

Two new additions to the Urbacon listing in Toronto are Peter Russell, Vice President Properties & Development Management and Kevin Johnston, Vice President, Data Centre Solutions. Luc Loyer is the Vice President Field Operations

There were no changes at Platinum Properties Group Corp. in Vancouver. Mel Machado is shown as the Vice President Operations plus 2 other senior contacts

At Queenscorp Group in Toronto, Mark Bozzo is the President & Chief Executive Officer; Gerard Caverson, Chief Financial Officer and Ed Warankie, Vice President Development

We have 4 senior contacts at Pangman Development Corp. in Edmonton including Kevin McKee, President and Dean Wulf, Vice President Acquisitions & Leasing

A few changes, updates and additions to our Real Estate Finance Directory

1. We confirmed Tony Baratta, Managing Director, Corporate Coverage at BNP Paribas in Toronto

2. We moved Paul Lavoie, Senior Manager of Business Development to Laurentian Bank in Toronto. Tony Da Silva, Vice President Real Estate Financing & Syndications and several other contacts were updated in the spring

3. We added David Wilson, Vice President, Real Estate Finance to the CLMS listing in Halifax

4. At Canadian Western Bank in Regina we confirmed Kelly Dennis, Senior Assistant Vice President & Branch Manager and James Lowrie, Assistant Vice President Commercial Banking

5. Mark Bulietta is the Regional Head & Market Vice President at CIBC Real Estate Finance Division in Vancouver

6. We confirmed two of the contacts at CIBC World Markets in Toronto. Chris Bell is Co-Head & Managing Director and Mark Johnson, Co-Head & Managing Director

Canadian Developer Updates

The first 4 are in Vancouver and the others are in Calgary

1. We created a new listing for Impark on Cordova West. Ty Stafford is the Chief Executive Officer; Brad Gehring, Chief Human Resources Officer; Allan Villegas, Chief Financial Officer and Nicola-Jane McNeill, Senior Vice President, & General Counsel

2. We updated Belkorp Group of Companies with Stuart Belkin, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer; Tom Lindsay, President & Chief Operating Officer; Michael Heskin, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer and 3 other contacts

3. Larry Rank has moved to Churchill International Property Corporation. Philip Langridge is the Chief Executive Officer and Darcy Ulmer, Vice President

5. At Nustadia Recreation Inc. in Calgary, Garfield Ganong is the Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

6. Ivanhoe Cambridge – we updated Alan Rivait, Director of Leasing in the Calgary office

7. Also in Calgary we updated the Centron Group. Robert Harris is the Chief Executive Officer; Cole Harris, President & Chief Operating Officer; Don Avant, Chief Financial Officer and 4 Vice Presidents