Kroman Capital, Canada Life, MCAP, MCAN Mortgage Corporation, ATB Financial, Sumex, Clifton Blake and Fiera Private Debt

We added Erik Kroman, President; Brian Suta, Vice President, Capital and 3 other senior contacts to the new Kroman Capital Advisory company listing

In Canada Life’s Toronto office we confirmed Kris Ljubic, Managing Director, Origination; David D’Ippolito, Senior Managing Director; Joshua Sonshine, Managing Director and added Jerry Zhang, Director, Mortgage Investments

We added Neil Le Grand, Senior Director, Origination to the MCAP Real Estate Finance Group in Toronto

Our MCAN Directory listing has 9 contacts including Karen Weaver, President & Chief Executive Officer; Floriana Cipollone, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer; Carl Brown, Senior Vice President, Investments and Milica Pejic, Vice President & Chief Audit Officer. We also added Lawrence Niewójt the Director, Mortgage Investments

At ATB Financial in Calgary we confirmed Michael Hoffman, Managing Director, Calgary Real Estate Group; Jeremy Blackwell, Senior Director, Real Estate; Jeff Govett, Senior Director, Commercial Real Estate

Ajay Menzies is the President of Sumex Capital in St. Albert

Clifton Blake Realty Advisors lists 10 contacts including KC Daya, President & Partner; Wes Myles, Chief Executive Officer; Rafiq Daya, Senior Vice President & Controller; Gaetano Coscia, Partner and Robert Romero, Vice President, Finance & Accounting

The Directory listing for Fiera Private Debt shows Ralph Doerr, Managing Director, Real Estate Financing