Jayman BUILT, Minto, Inter-Pro, Waterstone, Genesis Land, Grosvenor Americas, Intergulf, Stonecroft, Bonnis Properties and Beedie Industrial

Intergulf Development Group – We have 10 contacts in the Western Directory including Nabih Faris, Chief Executive Officer; Hareesh Sara, President; Shaadi Faris, Chief Operating Officer + 2 Vice Presidents and 4 development and acquisition employees

Genesis Land Development – Iain Stewart, Chief Executive Officer; PS Sidhu, Senior Vice President, Home Building; Arnie Stefaniuk, Vice President Regional Planning and Tom Hong, Director, Asset Management

Jayman BUILT – in Edmonton we show Jim Sirup, Executive Vice President and Charles Fay, Vice President. And in Calgary we have 6 contacts including recently added Chris Johnstone, Vice President, Multi Family and David Hooge, Chief Operating Officer

We added 3 new contact to the Grosvenor Americas Directory listing in Vancouver – 1. Cindy MacMillan, Vice President, Asset Management 2. Woody O’Neill, Vice President, Construction and 3. Angela Biggs, Managing Director, Investment

Herb Evers is the President at Vancouver’s Waterstone Properties

Inter-Pro Property Corporation – we added Kathy Walters, Chief Financial Officer and Heidi Arnold, Director, Property Management. Robert Proznik is the President

Beedie Industrial – Ryan Beedie, President; David Pearson, Chief Operating Officer and Todd Yuen, President, Industrial Development

Mike Forsyth, Vice President Construction Operations is the sole contact at Minto in Calgary

Kerry, Dino and Dimitri Bonnis, + Sareina Rubio, Chief Financial Officer are the contact at Bonnis Properties in Vancouver