Huntington Homes, ICM Asset Management, Ledingham McAllister, Melcor Developments, Mosaic Homes, New Coast Lifestyles, and BentallGreenOak

At Huntington Homes in Winnipeg we confirmed Rob Swan, President and Sheldon Swan, Vice President

Our ICM Asset Management listing in Calgary has 9 contacts including David Vankka, President & Chief Financial Officer; Spencer Coupland, Chief Operating Officer; Kerrie Nault, Vice President Property Management; Geoff LaFleur, Vice President National Sales and we added Cindy Rogers, Vice President Finance

We updated all 8 contacts at Ledingham McAllister in Vancouver. Ward McAllister is the President & Chief Executive Officer; Joanne Liu, Chief Financial Officer; Brian Leung, Senior Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer; Nadee Myers, Senior Vice President; Carla Bury, Senior Vice President Marketing and two other Vice Presidents

Melcor Developments – Graeme Melton, Vice President, Community Development and Randy Ferguson, Senior Vice President, Melcor REIT are the key contacts we list in the Calgary office

Mosaic Homes shows 7 contacts including Clint Murphy, Chief Financial Officer; Geoff Duyker, Senior Vice President, Marketing; Andrea Camp, Senior Vice President, Sales

Rob Howard, President; Trudy Howard, Vice President; Walter Downey, Vice President Operations and Jay Howard, Director, Buildings & Systems are the contacts at New Coast Lifestyles in Delta

BentallGreenOak’s Edmonton office has Shaun Wuschke, Managing Director; Erin White, General Manager and Sean Graham, Vice President Property Management