Concert Properties, Appia Group, Aquilini Development, Averton, JEMM Properties, Logel Homes, Epta, and Kerkhoff Develop + Build

We added Lindsay Brand, Chief Investment Officer; Jeff Juhala, Vice President, Investments and updated Grant Knowles, Vice President, Property Management at Concert in Vancouver

At Appia Group we confirmed Jim Bosa, President and added Meghan Knight, Senior Manager of Leasing

Aquilini Development – we added Ryan Seminoff, President; Alana Aqulini, Director of Corporate Development and Melanie Prentice, Senior Leasing Associate

Edmonton’s Averton is a home builder and community developer. Paul Lanni, is the President & Chief Executive Officer and Tom Burr, Senior Vice President

Also in Edmonton we added Christian Benson, Senior Director, Real Estate to the Canada Lands contacts

In Calgary we updated the complete JEMM Properties directory listing. Some of the contacts are Edan Lindenbach, Principal & Chief Executive Officer; Martin Langois, Principal; Lesleigh Russell, Principal, Projects & Construction and we added Alexis MacKenzie, Head of Marketing

Our Logel Homes listing has 3 senior contacts. Tim Logel, Chief Executive Officer; Brayden Logel, President and Ryan Dyck, Senior Vice President Construction

We added Mike Woodroff, Vice President Construction to Kerkhoff Develop + Build in Chilliwack

Epta Development Corporation is a new directory listing in Vancouver. The Principals are Alex, Angelo and Chris Tsakumis