Concert, Old Oak, Fusion, Shiu Pong, TAS, Build Toronto

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We updated Adgar Investments & Development Ltd. confirming Chris Tambakis, Chief Executive Officer, North America; Carl Stetler, Vice President, Finance; Ron Inger, Vice President Asset Management & Investments and added Michael Harvey, Vice President, Operations

Hans and Vipin Jains are the key contacts at Atria Development Corp.

We confirmed Roberto Cordovado, Regional Operations Manager and Nick Maitland, Leasing Manager at Amexon Development Corporation. Joseph Azouri is the President and David Azouri, Executive Vice President

We had a returned email letting us know that Andrew Gray has left Concert Properties. Kelly Wilson, Vice President Development is the senior contact in the Toronto office. We also corrected the address to Suite 200, 20 Wellington Street E

Gulf Pacific Group a Vancouver developer has a  Toronto office with Arshmanie Ramkissoon, Senior Property Manager

KRP Development Group in Kanata was updated confirming Martin Vandewouw, President and adding Terry Young, Director of Property Management

At Old Oak Properties in London we added Jeff Martin, Controller. Greg Bierbaum is the President

We added Larry Kotseff, Senior Executive, Land Development and confirmed Lee Piccoli, Chief Executive Officer at Fusion Homes in Guelph


Canadian Tire Real Estate – We updated the complete listing with Robert Mongeau, Senior Vice President, Real Estate; Daniel Robichaud, Vice President Operations; Robert Frodyma , Vice President, Development and 10 other contacts

We completed an overdue update of the Shiu Pong Group confirming Henry Hung, President; Daniel Hung, Director; Gregory Wong, Vice President, Finance and Barbara Kwan, General Manager

A new contact at TAS DesignBuild is Dino DiVito, Chief Financial Officer

We added Jaspreet Hansra-Kulsingam, Chief Financial Officer to the Build Toronto listing

And, Lisa Taylor, Chief Financial Officer and Meg Davis, Chief Development Officer to the Waterfront Toronto listing