Recent updates in BC and Alberta

  • We updated Brody Development Corporation, a home builder in North Vancouver, listing Mike Brody, President
  • In Surrey, we finished a complete update of the Century Group listing showing Sean Hodgins, President; Bob Ransford, Vice President, Acquisitions & Investments; Phil Posehn, Vice President, Finance and Barbara Hughes, Vice President Corporate Services
  • Allied Hotel Properties Inc. – Peter Eng is the Founder & Chairman and Michael Chan is President
  • In Canmore, Alberta we confirmed serveral senior contacts at Prestigious Properties Canada Ltd.. Thomas Beyer is President; Scotty Grubb, Senior Vice President; Mike Hammerlindl, Vice President Asset Acquisition; Keith McMullen, President, Property Management Division and Rick Linklater, Vice President Asset Management
  • The King George Financial Corporation listing in Vancouver shows Andrew Saxton, Chief Executive Officer
  • We saw a July news item on the Century Group website announcing the purchase of Portrait Homes in Richmond, BC. The key contacts with Portrait are Rob and Harry Grimm, Principals and Stace Emerson, Vice President Finance

September 16th

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We added Daniel Ger, Vice President Land Development & Acquisition to the GTA Habitat for Humanity listing. Other Real Estate contacts include Wayne Dempsey, Vice President Construction and Thomas Fischer, Vice President Regional Development

Also new to our Directory is Adenat Real Estate Ltd. with Malektaj Hejazi, Broker of Record

Kartelle Corporation lists Steven Leyzac, President and Chris Stadelmann, Vice President

Emil Toma is the President of Distrikt Developments

Confirmed Michael Kuhl, President, Development and George Kuhl, President & Chief Executive Officer at All Seniors Care Living Centres

Our listing shows Adam Belsky, President at Capital Homes Inc. in Kitchener

We added Priyanka Taneja, Vice President, Finance to the Canadian Apartment Properties REIT listing and updated several other (9) executives

We contacted Zzen Group of Companies Limited confirming Sergio De Zen, President and Joseph Sgro, General Manager. We were unable to update their website but you can contact them at 905-264-5962

We added Jens Brandt, Vice President to the Victoria & York property management listing. I believe Joseph Colussi is the President

Concert, Old Oak, Fusion, Shiu Pong, TAS, Build Toronto

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We updated Adgar Investments & Development Ltd. confirming Chris Tambakis, Chief Executive Officer, North America; Carl Stetler, Vice President, Finance; Ron Inger, Vice President Asset Management & Investments and added Michael Harvey, Vice President, Operations

Hans and Vipin Jains are the key contacts at Atria Development Corp.

We confirmed Roberto Cordovado, Regional Operations Manager and Nick Maitland, Leasing Manager at Amexon Development Corporation. Joseph Azouri is the President and David Azouri, Executive Vice President

We had a returned email letting us know that Andrew Gray has left Concert Properties. Kelly Wilson, Vice President Development is the senior contact in the Toronto office. We also corrected the address to Suite 200, 20 Wellington Street E

Gulf Pacific Group a Vancouver developer has a  Toronto office with Arshmanie Ramkissoon, Senior Property Manager

KRP Development Group in Kanata was updated confirming Martin Vandewouw, President and adding Terry Young, Director of Property Management

At Old Oak Properties in London we added Jeff Martin, Controller. Greg Bierbaum is the President

We added Larry Kotseff, Senior Executive, Land Development and confirmed Lee Piccoli, Chief Executive Officer at Fusion Homes in Guelph


Canadian Tire Real Estate – We updated the complete listing with Robert Mongeau, Senior Vice President, Real Estate; Daniel Robichaud, Vice President Operations; Robert Frodyma , Vice President, Development and 10 other contacts

We completed an overdue update of the Shiu Pong Group confirming Henry Hung, President; Daniel Hung, Director; Gregory Wong, Vice President, Finance and Barbara Kwan, General Manager

A new contact at TAS DesignBuild is Dino DiVito, Chief Financial Officer

We added Jaspreet Hansra-Kulsingam, Chief Financial Officer to the Build Toronto listing

And, Lisa Taylor, Chief Financial Officer and Meg Davis, Chief Development Officer to the Waterfront Toronto listing

Gulf Pacific, Anthem, CT REIT, Salient, Canadian Tire Real Estate

  • We added Scott Janis, President, Edmonton Operations to Brookfield Residential Properties in Calgary and confirmed Rich Westren, Senior Vice President
  • Encorp Inc. in Calgary has two key contacts – David and Alec Neill
  • The Claridge Homes Corporation listing  in Ottawa shows Bill Malhotra, President; Lise Clark, Chief Financial Officer and Ron Ingram, Construction Manager
  • Bethany Care Society in Calgary was updated with Jennifer McCue, President & Chief Executive Officer; Alasdair Smith, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer and Nancy Hughes, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
  • Confirmed Jeff Smith, President and Glenn Fedoroshyn at Calgary’s Baywest Homes
  • There were no changes at Atlas Development Corporation in Calgary since our last update. Michael Evans is President; Bernie Slogotski, Executive Vice President; Craig Fulton, Vice President & Controller and Bob McKurcher, Vice President Business Development
  • In Edmonton we updated Daytona Homes. Tally Hutchinson is the President & Chief Executive Officer; Billy Carreiro, Vice President Finance and Sandy Ladd, Vice President of Housing
  • Also in Edmonton we contacted Delcon Development Group Ltd. confirming Irv Kipnes, President
  • We added Gulf Pacific Group in North Vancouver with Bruce Russell, Principal & President; Managing Broker, Vice President Property Services; Wayne Lee, Vice President Property Services and Rob Forrest, Vice President Properties
  • Also in Vancouver we added Paul Faibish, Vice President, Development and Mike Peebles, Vice President, Leasing & Asset Manager to the Anthem Properties listing
  • We confirmed Calvin Chan, Vice President Financial Operations at United Communities in Calgary and added Trevor Phillips, Director, Real Estate Finance
  • At The Salient Group in Vancouver we updated Grace Severson, Controller. Other contacts include Robert Fung, President
  • In Calgary we updated the Canadian Tire Real Estate listing confirming Tony Faba, Associate Vice President, Construction West and created a new listing for CT REIT with Clint Elenko, Vice President, Western Canada

Real Estate Finance July 27th

CIBC Real Estate Finance Division was recently updated confirming Bob Gill, Vice President, Real Estate; Frank Saullo, Director, Real Estate Finance Division and several other contacts

We added Colin Pope, Director, Commercial Real Estate to the Coast Capital Savings listing in Richmond BC

At Desjardins Global Asset Management in Toronto we confirmed Steven Martin, Senior Manager, Commercial Mortgages

Updated the contact information for Jeff Parkes, Vice President Commercial Real Estate at HSBC Bank Canada in Toronto

We contacted RBC Capital Markets Real Estate Group to confirm Douglas McGregor, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer; John Miron, Managing Director & Head Real Estate Banking and 14 other contacts appearing in our Real Estate Finance Directory

At the TD Commercial Banking Centre on Commerce Valley Drive we confirmed Chris Porter, District Vice President, Real Estate

Steve McEwen, Managing Director is the key contact at CMLS Financial in Ottawa

We added Ricardo Estrada, Director to the Sun Life Mortgage office in Calgary

Appia, Alldritt, Koru, Paramount, Argus, Naikun, and Elemental Energy

A few of the updates to the 6,012 contacts in our 1,906 company listings are listed below.

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We confirmed Jim Bosa, President and Francis Petrunia, Vice President Operations at the Appia Group of Companies in Vancouver

Moved Michael Guyette from Boardwalk in Calgary to Vice President Operations with MetCap Living

In Edmonton we confirmed the 3 contacts at Alldritt Development Limited including David Benjestorf, General Manager & Legal Counsel and Robert Damm, Divisional Controller

Updated Paramount Equity Financial Corporation in Stouffville and added Matt Laverty, Vice President, Sales & Strategy

At Argus Properties in Kelowna we confirmed Ted Callahan. President and Peter Downward, Vice President, Construction

Called Naikun Wind Energy Group Inc. to update the listing and the corporate address. We show Mike O’Connor, President & Chief Executive Officer and Wilbur Lang, Vice President Finance & Chief Financial Officer

There was only one change at Elemental Energy in Vancouver. Jamie and Joe Houssian are the key executives with  Antoine Bishara, Director of Finance and Graeme Millen, Director, Project Investments

Koru Pacific Ltd.,  is a Vancouver developer of unique mixed-use, residential, resort, recreational and lifestyle projects. Andrew Voysey and Paul Woodward are the Principals

June 6th Toronto Developers & Managers

PAR-Med Property Services Inc. – We contacted the company to confirm Geoff Miller; Drew Palin, and Brad Stoneburgh, Partners

We confirmed some of the the key contacts at Triovest Realty Advisors Inc.. Alan MacKenzie, President; Bob Molgat, Executive Vice President, Retail; Steve Rawlin, Senior Vice President, Asset Management

We received a LinkedIn update mentioning Noah Gordon, Director, Portfolio Management at Menkes Developments Inc. and also updated Joel Pearlman’s, title to Senior Vice President, Investments

MetCap Living Management Inc. was contacted updating Brent Merrill, President & Chief Executive Officer; Lucy Tao, Vice President Finance; John Tsangaris, Vice President Operations and two other contacts

At The Metrontario Group we confirmed 2 key contacts – Sheldon Lerman, Chief Financial Officer and Lawrie Lubin, Chief Operating Officer

Tracey Sherren is the Chief Financial Officer with True North Commercial REIT and we show Daniel Drimmer, President & Chief Executive Officer

Cortel Group was updated with 3 executive family members and two other contacts

Updated David Chalmers, Vice President, Asset Management and David Hanick, Vice President Corporate Development & General Counsel with Starlight Investments Limited

Toronto Developers & Managers Updates

Our sponsor, SMC Group asked us to focus on Property Management firms in Ontario this week. Below are a few of the firms listed  in the Toronto Directory

Central Erin Property Management – We contacted the company to confirm Steve Peros, President; Tony Peros, Vice President and add Paul Basil, Vice President Finance

We confirmed the key contacts at the Leenan Group a property and construction management firm. Paul Harper and Lee Masli are listed as Project Directors

Mark Brule is the  Area Manager at Homestead Land Holdings Ltd. in Hamilton

Also in Hamilton we updated Megna Property Management with Rocco Megna, President and Paul Megna, Broker and Property Manager

ICC Property Management shows Steven Christodoulou, President & Chief Executive Officer and Judy Statham, Director of Operations. Savvas Christodoulou is responsible for Special Projects

Confirmed 2 key contacts at Williams & McDaniel Property Management in Guelph. Clark McDaniel is  Chief Executive Officer and Zeljka Budjinski, Director of Operations, Residential

At Crown Property Management Inc. we updated 3 contacts – Gary Summers, Vice President, Operations; Jandee Monsod, General Manager and Desiree Norlock, Property Manager. We also added Kevin Stevenson, Vice President, Property Management at the head office location

There were no changes to the Briarlane Rental Property Management Inc. listing. Brad Smith is the President; Susanne Maguire, Vice President Marketing & Administration; Monish Comar, Vice President Finance & Controller and we updated 2 other contacts

Updates to the 1,911 Canadian Development companies in our Directory

There were 98 company updates since our last blog post. Below are a few of the companies and contacts we confirmed or added to the directory

In London, ON at CCR Building we confirmed Arne and Peder Madsen, Partners and added Larry Fenwick, Project Manager

At Grosvenor Americas in Vancouver we updated a title to Managing Director, Development for James Patillo and confirmed Graham Drexel, Chief Financial Officer

We reorganized our Hopewell listings in Calgary with a separate listing for Hopewell Residential. Paul Taylor is the President; Lesley Conway, Managing Director; Jill MacKenzie, Executive Vice President Finance and added Jeff Rust, Vice President, Multi-Family

Our listing for the Mastercraft Group Inc. in Ottawa has John Greenberg, Chairman and Bruce McMahon, Vice President Finance

Marvin Barnett is the President of Finer Space Corporation in Hamilton

There was only one update to Fiera Properties in Halifax. Graham Pattison, Vice President, Asset Management

Southbridge Care Homes in Cambridge – listing Keith McIntosh, President & Chief Executive Officer; Ryan Bell, Chief Financial Officer; Carol Woodcock , General Counsel

We made a complete update to the Tamarack Homes listing in Ottawa with Chris Taggart, President; Pierre Bergeron, Chief Financial Officer and 2 other contacts

Brandi Clarke, Centre Manager was added to Artis REIT‘s Victoria Square in Regina

At Canderel in Vancouver we updated Bryce Margetts, Vice President Western Canada

Springer Group of Companies in Kingston lists Partners Bryon and Doug Springer

Toronto Developers & Managers Updates

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This update has a few developers but a greater focus on Property Management firms. 86 of the 800 listings are management firms vs. developers/investors or advisors

Updated Sean Demsky’s title to Vice President, Acquisitions & Dispositions at Canadian Urban Limited

We added Sami Mouaket, Vice President, Business Development to Greybrook Realty Partners and updated the contact information for Hosup Lee, Vice President, Asset Management

Confirmed Greg Fraleigh, President at The Enfield Group Inc. in Waterdown and added Reg Theriault, Parking Director

Hannah Group – updated the listing with Aubrey Hannah, President; Gerald Rozario, Vice President & Property Manager and 3 Property Managers

At Wilson Blanchard‘s Toronto office we confirmed Wayne Klem, Executive Director of Property Management. In Hamilton (head office) we have Ray Wilson, President; Karen Reynolds, Chief Operating Officer; Paula Davis, Chief Financial Officer; Dean McCabe, Vice President of Operations and Executive Director of Property Management

We updated the Taft Forward Property Management Group on Davisville. There were no changes in the senior management group with Shlomo Sharon, Chief Executive Officer; Pat Addeo, President and Vaishali Taylor, Vice President

We show Alon Szpindel, President at Tandem Group and Sundance Development Corporation

Colliers Real Estate Management Services – spoke to the Toronto office and confirmed John Duda and Allan Yearwood, Senor Vice Presidents; Frank Pal, Vice President, Property Management and Bob Ferguson, General Manager, Toronto Property Management

Frastell Property Management Inc. was also contacted confirming Victor Lopez, President; Demi Kapetanos, Director of Operations and two Property Managers

In Mississauga we confirmed Vanessa Van Dette, Regional Manager, Central Ontario at Larlyn Property Management Ltd. and in London we added Brian Loubert, Chief Financial Officer

Maple Ridge Community Management – we added Craig McMillan, Vice President, Operations to the listing and confirmed Michael Le Page, President