Amexon, InnVest Hotels, Concord Adex, Cooper Construction, Minett Capital, Skyline Commercial Management and TAS_Impact

Amexon Development Corporation – Joseph Azouri, President and David Azouri, Executive Vice President are the key contacts at Amexon

InnVest Hotels – We updated the complete Toronto Developers listing including Lydia Chen, President & Chief Executive Officer; George Kosziwka, Chief Financial Officer; Satinder Dhillon, Senior Vice President of Operations and 3 other senior executives

Concord Adex – The Toronto office of Concord Pacific shows Dennis Au-Yeung, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer and Gabriel Leung, Vice President Development

Cooper Construction – Our updated listing has Don Gordon, President; John Goldspink, Chief Financial Officer and Dominic Natale, Vice President Development & Real Estate

Minett Capital – We added Barry Eisen, Chief Investment Officer and Chris Sherriff-Scott, Chief Development Officer

At TAS_Impact we added 4 Director level contacts to the Directory – Georgia Brook and Mark Chemij, Directors of Development; Jun Lee, Director, Finance & Corporate Controller and Ziana Moledina, Director, Investments